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Many people have been asking me how to preform a spell and for tips. Here are some tips and "rules" to go by.

Article 1 of "How to cast a spell properly and tips".

There's so many information on spell casting, that it's hard to actually fit into one article. So, bare with me here, this might actually take SEVERAL articles.

Here's the thing about magick: It's personal. It's all depends on YOU and the energy. So, just because a particular spell worked on me, doesn't mean it will work on you and vice versa.

And when I say that "it's personal" I mean, you are the reason a spell does or does not work. If you get no results, don't blame the spell. All you need to do is say "I'll try again" or "Maybe I need to make my own, or even change it a little". Speaking of, I will be making another article on how to make a spell properly and efficiently.

Magick is based off energy, and what does energy come from? What exactly is energy?

Energy is neither created nor destroyed. I've had a lot of people asking me "how do I create more energy to be stronger?" You don't. Well, not like that. You don't create it. You..."Barrow" it, in a way.

People naturally have energy, just some of us have more than others. Energy is in other things too: the ground, the sky, the universe. It's everywhere.

With that being said, I'm going to give several tips;

1. Before casting a spell, it's good to meditate. Most people will immediately skip this step, saying they can't focus and feel uncomfortable meditating and it just "looks weird". Well, I'm not talking about the meditating where people are sitting going "uhmmm." No. This is different.

You can sit or lay down. If you sit down, just sit straight and it's best to lean against something like a wall. If you are laying down, you cannot fall asleep. So, it's best not to meditate if yo are too tired (at least, if you are a beginner).

You can Google how to meditate, but just a few tips: Basically, you want to clear your mind. Focus on one thing, maybe the rise and fall of your chest. Maybe even picture you are in this beautiful place, like in a field of long grass, the ocean, the forest. It doesn't matter. If you want, you can put meditative music, but it isn't needed.

You will feel signs or "tricks" for your body to wake up, such as itching and tingling and a "Crawling" feeling. But don't move. In fact, don't move a muscle. You are basically putting your body to sleep, but not your mind. Eventually the feeling would stop and your body should feel numb. Sometimes you will even feel really light.

Focus on your energy. Like I said before, energy is all around us. We always have energy on us. Focus on it, try to picture it, try to FEEL it.

You don't need to meditate for a long time. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour, but I promise you, the time tends to fly by.

2. Focus on your energy, the energy around you. Picture you are drawing in the energy from the ground and from the universe. Personally, I like to picture the ground energy as green streams of light, and the universe energy as purple or blue streams of light. Imagine all the energy around you just going into you as you absorb it like a sponge. You need to feel the energy going through your body.

3. Now is when you cast your spell. Whatever it is, follow the instructions and read it thoroughly. If you are chanting something, do not go back to fix your mistake, just keep going. I REPEAT: KEEP GOING. This is something I see many many beginners do. If you keep messing up, leave it alone. It could still work. If you go back to fix your mistake? It makes it harder.

While you are casting your spell, you want to picture the energy coming out of you and out of everything and "going into" the spell. You want to believe it will work. You need to KNOW its going to work.

4. A lot of times, emotions play a huge role in spell casting. Let's say you are doing a hexing spell: Anger. Certain emotions tend to be stronger than others, such as anger and saddness.

5. Music: Music effects all of us. It manipulates the way we FEEL inside, and like I said before, emotions play a huge role in spell casting. Many beginners have it completely silent when doing spell casting - which, is OK. But others like to play music to help them feel a certain way and get in the "spell-casting" mood. It also helps them in their meditative state and for concentration. Usually, this means music with no words. Its also best to look up "wiccan and pagan music", because this helps a lot. You can play it anytime: while you meditate, while you spell-cast, etc. Of course, some spells would probably need the area to be completely silent.

6.Having other people in the room is a no. Unless, they are doing the spell with you. But otherwise? don't do it. And here's why:

When you cast a spell, the energy in that room is going "into" the spell, and coming "out" with an intent. And often times, it will be going to the caster, to a particular item or person, but it can also effect someone in the room that isn't doing the spell.

For an example: When I was in middle school, my friend wanted to do a love spell. She did it, and I stayed in the room and watched. The guy she was doing the love spell on was ALREADY dating her, but she wanted to "Strengthen" their relationship.

Barely a week later, he broke up with her and starting falling for ME.

Then, because we didn't learn our lesson the first time, we did another spell together. My same friend had done a Drainer spell while I stayed in the room and watched.

Again, the energy effected me. Instead of her getting majority of the..."results" of the spell, I did.

Plus, this also can depend on a persons absorption rate, which is how fast someone absorbs the energy around them. This will take practice.

But, short story is: Unless you want that person (and maybe even animal) in the room to get effected, just don't have them in the room. Deal? Alright.

7.You don't need a lot of items to perform a spell, but here's why people LIKE to use a lot of items:

Like I said before, spells depend on how you feel. Your belief - so yes, of corse if you don't believe it's going to work at all then the chances are it wont work. Well, some can. Plus, it needs energy. Without energy, a spell is just a ...well, not much. BUT, people like to use a lot of items because it often feels like "YES, I KNOW IT'S GOING TO WORK" and yes, you need that. Beginners, especially, feel like "How is this going to work? I only have one candle." Well, no one likes a party-pooper, OK?

Also, you don't NEED any items for a spell. And yes, I'm so serious.

If you use all your energy, you can literally just SING a chant. Yes, you read that right. A lot of people will sing a song and focus on the thing they want to happen. If they truly put all their belief and energy into it, it will work. And no, you don't NEED to be able to sing. Our society tells us that when we "can't sing" we have to be quiet. Well, practice helps.

Also, a lot of people don't sing. They focus all of their energy into an instrument: the piano (which I've seen used more for hexing and death), guitar (often more-energy-based), drums (often energy or anger), flute, etc.

8.You can look through spells, but if you believe its "stupid", chances are its not going to work. Also, if you don't have all the items, that's fine. Change it. It may be best to chant the following when you change it before hand:

"Wind, Fire, Water, Earth,

I call on you to make this spell Magick,

So mote it be."

9. Respect:

You see how theres a lot of spells out there that says "so mote it be"? Like the one above. That means "So must it be". And when you are doing a spell, you are ASKING, not FORCING. Respect also plays a huge role in magick. Your basically asking the energy to do something for you and to help you. You can STILL say "so mote it be", but don't think of it as "you have to, this HAS to work". You just need to be THINKING it. It's like they read your mind, but they aren't...a human so I guess there's that.

I hope that made some sense. If you have any questions, message me.

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