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Wonder how to boost or mitigate magick use while dealing with Dissociative Identity Disorder?

When it comes to dealing with the people inside of my head, there are positives and negatives. Sometimes, I don't feel like I can not live another second, while other times I feel extremely blessed and even lucky. Having DID doesn't have to be a negative aspect when it comes to practicing Wicca. (Please note that the advice below it just a small piece of the puzzle and is something that works for me personally.) 1. Start up an excel chart on a computer. (Or just use a notebook horizontally if that is more your style) 2. Start your first line my addressing each character by name. 3. Next, address how powerful or influential each character is in your life. (If they are all equal don't bother, for me though, I have my 22 characters categorized from 1-5 in power.) 4. Here comes the fun part. To respect characters as individuals, you can put down information such as their favorite color, element, and song. 5. You may find it useful to also take into consideration the zodiac. Now, I am talking about using it as a tool in a completely objective manor. This makes sense for me because frankly, I don't know what days most of them came to be, and I don't think the zodiac was designed for that to begin with. Just ask yourself personally which of the 12 signs connects best with each character. 6. A good grounding technique to play out for each character is how they get along with your parents, significant other, etc. This may change when or where you do rituals as individual characters. This can be crucial for your safety and others. 7. Another good aspect to look into last but not least, is if your character has a name meaning. (As for me, one character that I thought was mainly crazy and psychotic had another side to him because the origination of his name meant pleasing and lovely.) One note of safety on casting spells and understanding each individual character is that even though it is fine to fuse characters, have characters pray for other characters, and for characters to preform rituals together. You should never let under any circumstances a character preform any banishing spells or spells to induce harm on another character. (This is something that I struggled with in the past. Please, learn from my mistakes!)

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Oct 11, 2019
I have DID myself & I have some issues with a couple of the others as to their wanting to portray themselves as the primary(ie me or as if they are 1st born to this body. The same 2 also have magical abilities as well. My question is how is it you can let1 of them out do do magick without loosing your control of whos conciously in control?

Feb 16, 2020
I have DID. This could help me. Thank you.

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