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Name: purpleroots1
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I've been a practicing witch for about 2 years. My interest at this point is green witchcraft, hedge witchcraft and traditional witchcraft.I'm more interested in the balance of light and dark. I also like dragons.

I still consider myself new. I enjoy growing, art, music, cooking and the great outdoors. I have a cat. I think she's my familiar. I'd like to develop knowledge in.. Hearth witchcraft Working with crystals Tarot Simple spells Energy shielding and protection. Energy cleansing of harmful energies. I've not settled on one path at this point. My main skill is growing plants. I have limited info on tarot.

Please do not ask me to do tarot card readings. I'm not ready. Please do not ask me to do spells for you. I am not here for dating reasons.

For me at this point, the more knowledge the better on this vast subject. I'm a genuine spiritual searcher looking for growth.