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Lesson One: Choosing Your Materials.

Water Scrying 101

Lesson One: Choosing Your Materials

Hello and welcome to Water Scrying 101. The first thing I'll be discussing is how to choose your materials. There are a few basic things you'll need to begin scrying:
A Veil of some sort
A Scrying Bowl
Charged Water
A Box
They may seem pretty obscure at first, but this is not the case, as most of them can be found around your home, or even outside in your backyard.

So... Why on Earth do I need a veil to scry?
Good Question, and the truth is, it isn't 100% necessary for some people. A veil or headscarf helps me keep my energy focused and held together while I scry, and stimulates my brain to go into 'scrying mode'. I consecrate and cleanse it like the rest of my tools and keep it with my other divination supplies.
I find the texture of the veil should be soothing, but not distracting. Lace, cotton, and sheer materials work great. An old scarf in your closet or a small blanket can be perfect. Some people anoint their veils with oils that enhance psychic abilities such as rose, vanilla, anise, or frankincense. If you find scents overwhelming, this might not be for you. The color can be anything you like, but choosing a color associated with the third eye, like indigo for example, can help get you in the spirit of water scrying.

Scrying Bowl
Wow. I bet you didn't see this one coming.
Yep, a Scrying bowl, you know, for scrying.
But... What makes a Scrying Bowl a Scrying Bowl?
Well, it depends on a few things; the color, texture, and what it's made of. Generally, they're glass, silver, wood, or stone. Colors vary from black (most common) to whatever you can get a hold of. The thing you should aim for most is the shape and smoothness the bowl possesses. It can be as flat as a frisbee or as deep as a bucket- just make sure it isn't bumpy and ornate on the inside. Pick one that feels right to you.
Remember, don't spend fortune; Thrift Shops carry all kinds of stuff, and a scrying bowl shouldn't be too hard to find.

Charged Water
Whether you gather it from the tap or a nearby stream, charging your water can be rewarding and helpful to you as a diviner. Placing a bowl of water on your porch overnight (or even on your windowsill in view of the moon) will charge and fill its contents. I have had good experience placing a moonstone in the water while charging it to amplify its properties. You can charge your veil the same way you charge your water, but make sure it doesn't blow away! You can charge the scrying bowl and water at the same time if you'd like.
P.S. Moon Water can be used for more than just Scrying, so keep it handy.

Yes, a Box.
I treat my Box where I keep my divinatory tools like an altar. It's a small, tin decoration with flowers on the side, so it's nothing fancy. Bit if you want, you can add vibrancy and life to your box by painting it. Building a wooden box and burning images is something I think is downright beautiful. Plain, black ones work just as well. I recommend getting something big enough to fit your veil, bowl, and candles, and anything else you use such as incense, oil, or a bottle of charged Moon Water. Depending on your preference, it can have drawers and knobs, or it can be a tissue box cover. Whatever works for you is what's best.

Oh. My. Gosh. Do these Witches use candles for everything?
Yes, and there's a reason we use them for scrying.
If you work with the elements, incorporating them into your divination practices seems fitting, especially considering the fact that you're using water already. The candle represents all of the elements; the burning wick is Fire, the liquid wax is Water, ash of the wick is Earth, and the smoke is Air. (Other traditions may view this differently,but this is my own opinion).
If you don't work with the elements, candles are still relevant to divination; spirits. Isn't that what scrying in particular is all about? Contacting spirits and channeling messages through a medium, in this case water. Candles are known to be part of the bridge between this world and the next, and have a unique, calming effect good for creating an atmosphere for scrying.
Colors like purple, blue, white, and black are great for scrying, so using candles to put them into practice is a wonderful idea. Or, if you're scrying for a particular reason, color coding can be huge. If you seek knowledge on love, light a red or pink candle. Health or healing, use blue, white, or yellow etc..

As you can see, choosing tools doesn't have to be a hassle, in fact it can be really fun. If you found this helpful, share it with your friends and tell me what you chose for Water Scrying. Good Luck!

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