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An excercise used to heal your aura.

Cast your circle before performing the ritual, and put all your belief into it. Light your god and goddess candles, and also a third candle which you think represents you. Imagine the candle extension of you and your thoughts.
When you are lighting the third candle chant:

"This candle represents me, all that I am,
All that Iwas, and all that I'll be."

Now close your eyes and imagine an aura light surrounding you. It could be the first color you see or whicheverappears in your mind, then imagine you are surrounded by that aura and now open your eyes. See the aura still around you and the same aura surrounding the candle.

Gaze into the light of candle and see the color gradually changing to yellow. Now visualize the yellow aura turning deeper and deeper, as the color of the aura deepens visualize it turning into orange slowly. Visualize everything around you surrounded by the orange aura, then chant:

"My aura changes to boost my spirit,
A color of happiness, joy and glee,
Inspiration and wonder come to me.

When this spell is done,my emotion and spirit will run,
but my mind will rest, my thoughts released."

When you finish with this sit at that place only for a shortwhile. See yourself and the whole room, or place, filled with orange color and happiness. Afterthis, snuff out the candle.

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