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Things to consider if your seeking to follow this path. Do you really know what it is?

Facts on Becoming a Vampyre Part 2

Many times I have seen one group wanting to look more advanced or more special than another. At one time when people began grouping personality traits by color, everyone wanted to be an Indigo child. When Crystal children came out, everyone wanted to be one of these ?special? people. Only fractions of the people labeled as Indigo, were actually fighters for a cause and or gifted in the spiritual sense. This is the same for crystal children. I see this same process being used by some in the Vampyre community, yet it appears most often, only the people considered Sang, give the distinction (though not all Sang do). It is said that if a person is used as a PSY or blood donor, he/she could develop symptoms a Sang would have, although they are not a true Vampyre. My theory is, if it live in the water, has gills like a fish, scales like a fish, looks like a fish and swims like a fish, it?s likely a fish. When viewing the OtherKin community and a person whom completes many rituals to bring the essence of the Vamp or Wolf spirit into their spirit, is there soul not afflicted? In viewing the Indigo community, take a mother that has lost a child due to DWI that decides to make her trauma a cause to fight for, does she not become an Indigo person? Granted, neither are ?True? Vampyres or Indigo people as they were not born that way, but I believe they are none the less, Vamps and Indigo having many of the same abilities as such.

I must say, I immensely enjoy ignorant fluffs when attending gatherings. As it use to occur, after getting them on my radar and them failing to see they are no lord, I tend to smell there fear. After this, I must push and revel in the delight. After getting the person (often a male) all fired up and wanting to fight to prove he is that which he is clearly not, I can smell the metaphoric blood in the water and simply can?t resist going in for the kill and tearing him apart. The energy that is raised can?t be explained. It?s an exhilarating feeling of fear and power in a pissing match the weak minded Practitioner has no chance of winning. Even the most fluffy Practitioner has power if you get him/her angry. I thrive off the energy until he backs down and can continue to feel the rush after it?s over. Have I fed off the chaos? Most definitely. Does this make me a Vampyre? I don?t believe so. Do I have some Vampyre skills? Sure, but I believe many possess the same skill.

I stand neutral on the topic. I believe if one drains energy through blood or energy or follows the Vampyre or atheistic type Vampyre path they can all be considered Vampyres. Are some born with natural talents, indeed I believe they are and it could make it easier to do things. I do however believe there should be a distinction between ?True? and created. As with all ?True? forms, whether it be Vamps, Wolves, Indigo etc. those born that way, have no choice but to be that way. They preformed no rituals or spells trying to become that which they were not originally. I feel those within the Vamp community that were born requiring more energy and dealing with the effects of the requirement, have every right to complain about it or be depressed by it every now and again however; I don?t extend the same right to those that tried to become a Vampyre as those people got what they wanted.

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Aug 21, 2022
I'm wondering of anyone knows any good books on energy vampirism. I'm interested in reading about it as I feel I have been a victim but also accidentally practiced it.

Aug 22, 2022
You're better off making a thread in the main forum. Nobody would really see your post here to be able to constructively answer you.

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