Why Demon contracts fail

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Useful info relating to demon contracts.

Why Demon contracts fail

Demons tend not to respond to contracts as so many people of the past have used them to attain something they want and then break their contract. When a person feels desperate, he or she will draw up a contract. Over time, the person my chose to go to a priest and or invoke Yeshua to break the contract. After, the person has attained that which was promised of course. Often times the person already has in their mind that he or she will break the contract when making it, believing he/she is smarter than the demon. Given all the times demons have been used by people then treated badly, they know what would happen and generally find people undeserving of contracts.

Demons can see the outcome of their actions, knowing what a person will do before actually doing it, even if the person doesn?t. If a demon doesn't think it will work out well, he/she will not agree to the contract, it?s as simple as that.

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Jan 12, 2020
agree, can you help at simple demon summoning, im intrested in their offerings

Sep 01, 2021
check blackwitchcoven.com for amazing information on demons and summoning them. they love incense, candles, honest contracts, herbs, etc. but summon the right demon for the right purpose!

Aug 07, 2020
So I am looking to summon Zapar how8im not sure what i should offer in return for his help. And need a detailed how to on this please. I am very new to using this site. If at all possible please send the info by mail. I may not be able to return to this post 😅

Jun 07, 2021
Do you mean Zepar? I haven't found anything on a Zapar. Anyway, Zepar's supposedly a demon of seduction, and helps with getting it up in the bed, I think. But he might end up causing sterility in females. Also, according to the article, he's not someone to be summoned by beginners. There are other lust demons you could request help from. But here's the full article on him:- https://blackwitchcoven.com/demons/zepar/

Sep 01, 2021
Zepar is a seduction demon. he is a goetic demon, and offerings such as green stuff, mandrake root, sandalwood incense, black candles, and copper metal. You don't need all of them, though incense IS recommended. Zepar is not often mentioned, and is mystified. only because everyone does not know much about them. He is a great duke commanding 26 legions. He is however, hard to work with and not recommended for a beginner or the inexperienced. You can also 'shapeshift' with this demon (not literal shapeshifting like werewolves and vampires and stuff). Also some believe Zepar commands 28 or 72 legions. Zepar is to be summoned at daytime, as a diurnal demon. Strongest from 15-19 degrees of gemini, though can be summoned at other times of the year.

Aug 31, 2021
i am a satanist. I do demonolatry, though I am a beginner. I recommend the goetic demons for anyone who wants to work with them. The first demon I worked with was Valac who found one of the crystals I lost. I also recommend Amon and Purson. Each demon has a different incense, plant, etc that they prefer. Though, demons are happy with any incense if you ask me. Black Witch Coven's website has amazing info. I do think that you should be confident that you know what to do for a summoning. just wait for them to respond. you can ask them to touch you to be sure.

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