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The simplest form of candle magic is to write the desire of your ritual on a new clean piece of paper. The paper can be colored to matches the candle or the intent of the spell however; keep in mind when paper burns, it creates smoke and the flame itself can be rather high. It is strongly advised the practitioner uses a large heat proof bowl for the paper to be put into. The bowl can have earth (soil) in the bottom. It is usually advised to use a Magickal alphabet which could be Theban, Enochian, or Malachain. It is also effective if the spell is written in English with runes or other symbols that reinforce the practitioners? desire placed in a circular position at the bottom with the most powerful symbol being in the center. As you write down what you want to accomplish through the spell (new job or love), visualize it happening. See the circumstances under which you might be offered a new job, or find a new love.

After finishing your written request carefully fold up the paper making sure you?re doing it slowly and visualizing the outcome. Place the end of the paper in the candle flame still visualizing your desired outcome. If you have raised energy with this spell, release the energy at the very last second the paper is burning (about the time you have no choice but to drop the paper (in a heat safe container).

When you are finished, allow the candle to completely burn away. You do not need to stay with the candle after the spell is complete, but you must make sure it is in a safe place where nothing can be damaged. The re-use of a candle that has been used in a spell is not suggested. The only candles that can be reused would be the alter pillar candles or celebratory candles.

It is also possible to use a candle to symbolically represent an absent third person, such as in a healing ritual. This is done using the zodiac color correspondence (below noted) after finding the persons date of birth. Some people also inscribe the person?s name and date of birth on the candle.

ARIES= Red TAURUS= Green GEMINI= Yellow CANCER= Silver

LEO= Orange VIRGO= Yellow LIBRA = Pink SCORPIO= Red


PISCES = Mauve

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