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Spell Casting is a subject that is always discussed. Not everyone is ready, but when you are, I hope this guide will help you.

Now in order to cast spells, you must first understand what spells are. Spells are wishes or prayers that are said. these prayers can be granted if they are possible. Now spells will not happen when you want them to, spell will happen when they want to. In order to cast spells you must understand the structure of magick. So I am going to try to put this guide into order as much as I can.

There are different types of spell casting;

  • Saying Spells
  • Singing Spells
  • Just visualization
  • Dancing

Spells can be done only when one can do the following;

  • Concentrate
  • Focus
  • Imagine
  • Will

When you do this you will have completed the first step into preparing spells. Spells that are written, help the caster visualize what you want.

Now, reminder there are spells that will not work, these spells are founded in most sites and in some uneducated books;

  • Transformation spells
  • Weight loss/gain spells
  • Beauty spells
  • Making deal spells
  • Taking someone's soul spells
  • ect

Please use common sense when writting or thinking about casting spells.

Spells are often casted without thinking here are some of the spells for beginners;

  • Candle Spells
  • Element Spells
  • Energy Spells

These are more basic spells that taught when in the beginning.

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