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This is a basic imformation guide on Wicca/Paganism. It will introduce you to gods, holidays, rites, and the meaning.

What is Wicca :


Wicca is an earth based religion and a world wide practiced one. It is probably the oldest religion dating back to the 1500-1800 and so fourth. The wiccan religion believes and practices in various things, as believing in two gods (goddess + god) who make one divine god together. Wicca is a religion with lots of different pantheons, and a mix of everything and everyone. This religion has only eight holidays one accuring every 6 weeks! They celebrate the moon and its courses, and much much more. Some wiccan do spell, magick, and things like that, as well as some do not. This religion also has a symbol (pentagram/pentacle) and a rule (''an ye harm none, do as ye will'') This religion is earth oriented and focosed on being the best you can be and helping earth, and everyone else.

Wiccan Holidays :


Yule : dec 21

Imbolc : feb 2

Ostara : mar 21

Beltane : Apr 30

Summer sol : Jun 21

Lughnassadh : Aug 2

Mabon : sep 21

Samhain : oct 31

Wiccan Rede :


An ye harm none do as ye will

meaning : as long as you harm no one or anything including yourself, you can do what you want.

Wiccan Karma :


'' What ye send out comes back to ye, by the power of 3x3''

Meaning: Whatever good/bad you send out will come back 3x good/bad

The gods :


Goddess- Maiden, mother, crown, the night, the moon, the esbats, the earth, the birth, fertality, beauty, love, kindness, healing, compassion, the giver, the provider, the mother of everything

God - The sun, light, day, sabbat, hunt, food, death, rebirth, joy, strenght, fatherhood.

Materials :


chalice, wand, pentagram, altar, candles, spells, salt, water, book of shawdow, dirt, rocks, herbs, beads, cords, ect

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