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A few description of the Titans and a few personal experiences that I've had.

The Titans Themselves were born from Oranous and Gaia. They were the rulers before the Olympians were born, and came to play.

Kronos is the Titan of time and the ruler of the Golden Age, the King before Zeus. You all are aware of the story about how Kronos castrated Ouranos and threw his remains into the sea, also how Kronos was paranoid, and ended up swallowing all of His kids, and Rhea gave a stone swaddled in cloth to Kronos, thinking it was His other kid. Eventually Kronos was overthrown, and resides in Tartarus.

Rhea is married to Kronos, Her brother (got a lot of weird incest going on here) and the mother of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hesita, and Demeter. She's also identified as the Mother of the Gods, since Rhea's offspring is almost half of the Olympians. She's often seen accompanied by lions. Her actual domain is female fertility.

Theia is the Titan of Sight. Actually, "thea" in Greek means "sight". She was also, by extension, the goddess who endowed gold, silver and gems with their natural value and beauty.

Mnemosyne is the Titan of memory, and the remembrance of words. She also did the dirty birdy with Zeus, and ended up giving birth to the Mousai (Muses).

I've had a personal experience with Mnemosyne. I was having a bad experience, during the years when I was bonkers crazy, I prayed to Her and worked with Her, to help me put that memory behind me. She is absolutely lovely, and is awesome to work with. I don't know why so many people think the Titans are bad, or "evil". Most of them want to help mankind. Even Prometheus is labeled as the "Savior of Man". Anywho, Mnemosyne did help me put that crap behind me, and bring new memories to remember in my life.

Prometheus is the Titan of forethought and craft counsel. Prometheus was given the task to create man, and form them out of clay. Prometheus always had a soft spot for man kind. He tricked Zeus out of the best portion of sacrificial offerings, or feasts. He wrapped two parts of the offering in pieces of skin: The bones and the fat, with the stomach on the top, and in the other sac, the rich meats. Out of fairness, He offered them to Zeus and told Him to choose one. Zeus chose the bones and the fat, and was angered with Prometheus when He was tricked. Also, Prometheus was the first one to send fire to man. He carried it to Man hidden in a fennel stalk. Zeus had enough with His rebellious acts, so Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock under Mount Kaukasos where the eagle was set to feed off of his liver (some say liver, some say heart, lungs, just internal organs in general).

Yay, another personal experience time!

I had a dream that turned into somewhat of an AP/pathwalking thing. The dream originated where I was being led on a tour of a cave. The cave went deeper underground, and I was suddenly alone. There was a hallway in the cave, and I began to slowly step through it. On the left and right sides of me were jail cells. I couldn't see what was inside of them, because the inside of the jail cells were pitch black. At the end of a hallway, was a door shaped entryway. The closer I got towards it, the heavier I felt, the more pain, suffering, and sadness I felt, and the more I heard the sounds of many being tortured. Also, the closer I got, the more I heard someone yelling at me to stay away.

I believed that place I saw was Tartarus. I also believe the one who was telling me to stay away was Prometheus. Nothing will convince me otherwise.

Iapetus was the Titan of the mortal life-span. Iapetus and his brothers conspired against their father, preparing an ambush for him as he descended to lie with Earth. Crius, Coeus, Hyperion and Iapetus were posted at the four corners of the world where they seized hold of the Ouranos and held him fast, while Kronos, hidden in the center, castrated him with a sickle.

Part two will come soon!

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