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Information on how to create a cloth poppet.

Poppets are a from of sympathetic magic. They are cloth dolls made in the image of an animal, person, and so on. The more the poppet looks like animal or person the more powerful it will be (meaning if you are working magic for a friend or pet then the poppet should be shaped like a person, a cat, a bird, etc). You can even stitch or glue a picture of the individual or animal onto the face of the poppet.

Poppets are generally made of cloth and filled with herbs (these need to be associated with your intent) and items belonging to the person, animal, etc.

To make a poppet you will need cloth, herbs associated with your intent, scissors, a marker or pen, items belonging to the individual you are creating the poppet for, two pictures of the individual, and candles associated with your intent.

Below is an example of a poppet made to help heal a sick friend.

If possible, do this on a Monday - the day of healing.

Before creating your poppet, cast a circle and ask your deities to assist you in your purpose. (You don't have to do this. This is merely a suggestion.)

Now, cut out two pieces of cloth in the shape of a gingerbread man (if your making it for a person), or a cat (for a cat), and so on. Once cut out, stitch the poppet up and leave an opening at the head. Fill the opening with cloth, a picture of the individual, items belonging to them, and healing herbs (these can include ginger, garlic, parsley chamomile, etc). Once this is done, finish stitching up the poppet and then attach the second picture to the face of the poppet.

Light your two candles (these should be red for health and black for healing disease), place the poppet in between the two candles, and sprinkle a circle of salt around the candles and the poppet. As the candles burn down, visualize them destroying the illness of your friend and their health and strength returning. You can also say a chat or verse associated with your intent. Do the above mentioned spell everyday and visualize healing energies been sent to the individual as you do so. Do this daily until the candles are completely burnt out.


The Witch Book: The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, Wicca, and Neo-Paganism. - Written by Raymond Buckland.

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