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This is the basic outline of things a Wiccan should follow.

Wiccan Creed:

All who practice the craft of Wicca shall abide by the Wiccan Creed. The Creed is as follows.

Those who come to possess the power of magick will NEVER use it for evil. Never use thy power to do harm upon others, if and only if needed you may use thy power to protect your life and the life of others. Long has no harm is done, you may use thy power for personal gain.

Though you may use it for personal gain, you may not use thy power for prideful gain, in doing so you will cheapen the mysteries of Wicca and magick.

It is unwise to accept money for the use of thy power for this will quickly take control of thy taker.

Whatever you do, do not misuse thy power for it is a gift from the God and Goddess. For every misuse it comes back upon the misuser threefold.

Abide by this for it is the Wiccan Creed.

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