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Are you a seer?

Hello and merry meet. This is for former seers like me and how to become one or grow your natural talent. A seer is a future see-er or spirit worker. I myself am a seer and you can become one too! Just use the law of attraction. What you think comes forth. If you were born a seer like me your can meditate to grow your natural gift or pray and also use the abilities spell. If your get quick glimpse and you want to make them grow there's another way, look up seer spells and you can grow them. Hopefully I can help others. Blessed be merry part.

Added to on Nov 07, 2013
Last edited on Feb 01, 2019
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May 14, 2020
I hope you're still there contact me please

May 15, 2020
If you try and click on rcm's profile, you can't, so the account's been deleted, sorry. What was your question? If you post it here someone might be able to help.

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