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Spell to be a mermaid.

now i no that many say this spell is a curse but im here to tell you that its not. some say that the magic has died out of the spell well i dont think that posibul. hope it works and remeber i did not try this yet so if it dose not work please dont blame me. i will try it some time soon. here it is and hope it works for you.

Instructions :

* Undress and go to the Bathtub / Shower

* Be Soak and wet ( FROM HEAD TO TOE ) when you say this , NEVER say when dry

* Wear your selected symbol ( Jewlery that is used for the spell and Must never be taken off )

* Then Recite 10 times -

Insouicant Inclemency ,

Redoubtable Mediocracy ,

Refutable Humanity ,

Make me what i wish to be ... A MERMAID !

Witches one and witches all

Give this power to me !

* DO NOT STARE at MOON after Reciteing the spell or you will REGRET it ! *

How to say the words of the spell -

Insouicant ( In-sue-sent ) Inclemency ( In-clem-en-sea)

Redoubtable ( Re-doubt-table ) Mediocracy ( Meteor-rock-kra-sea)

Refutable ( Re-fewt-table) Humanity ( Human-eh-tea)

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Dec 13, 2019
You cannot become a mermaid.

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