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Describe the basics of elements and how they are used.

Elements make up the world in every way. Without them there would be no world or us as a matter of fact only a empty black void in time and space. Elements are needed in every day life on this planet. The best known elements are Air, water, earth, and of course fire. Each element has its own very unique purpose in magic or even in other beliefs. Its very simple subject. Air: Can be used for things such as of course the obvious wind spells and if you believe so in spiritual connections depending on your believe. Water: Water is the basic need for almost everything in nature. It is known as a life giver in some religions. Water can be used in lots of things such as weather manipulation spells for rain. There is also some known rain dances and chants that are known on this site. Not all people see it that way and prefer just to look at the element water as just another thing of.life. Earth: Earth is the all that is green, brown, and so much more. Its the trees, plants you see, and the dirt all around you. A lot of people seem to be more connected to earth and fire than many other elements. Earth is all around you and many believe that there are earth spirits in trees and much more. Fire: Fire is well known for being the light or the heart and warmth in our world or realm. Fire can be life or destruction if not taken seriously. Most people are connected to fire and seek its power or enchantment. Fire is used mainly for energy as same as water and power. Simple meditation can help open your third eye and get closer to these elements. Have patience, a great gift you have to earn. --hope that helps. Nightshaded8

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