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Using the Elements to guide and protect you.

This is a simple yet pretty advanced type of protection that I've done and works beautifully. Different methods will work for different people, but take this into consideration for starting your work.
First, you'll need 4 different charms to represent the four essential elements Air, Water, Earth, and Fire (I'll get to Spirit later). You'll also need a black, thick string typically for jewelry making or a chain (any color), possibly glue or sewing thread (depending on your jewelry making skills), good focus and meditation skills.
You can do these in any order you choose, just be aware some processes take longer than others:
Recommended Charm: Amethyst or any fire related stone, something that won't burn easily.
Greatest Ally: The Sun.
Procedure: Take a candle (any size/color) and meditate on the flame. Focus on its energy and the energy surrounding it. Once you feel comfortable with the energy, take the charm on the chain and twirl it slowly clockwise around the flame however many times you feel necessary to gather the energy surrounding it. Once you have gathered the energy, hold the charm in the fire and let the flame turn the charm black. Dip the charm in cold water then wash off the residue. Do this how ever many times you feel necessary. Then, dip the charm in the wax to trap the energy inside the stone and let it sit for a day or two. Once it has set, peel off the wax.
Recommended Charm: Any kind of stone or stone like item.
Greatest Ally: The Forest.
Procedure: Before extracting anything from a tree, you should offer a gift such as sprinkling coffee or tea leaves by the roots or base of the tree, because remember "trees have feelings too". Meditate on the tree and its energy. Once you're comfortable, touch the tree with one hand while holding the charm in the other. (I recommend you close your hand when you do this.) Extend both your arms as if you were a tree yourself and focus on the energy flowing from the tree, through you, to the charm. Let the energy to travel from the tree to your shoulder, then to your stomach, back up to the other shoulder, then to the charm. (Having the energy pass through your heart can lead to dire results.) After you feel confident that the energy has successfully traveled to the charm, you can attach it on the chain if you haven't done so already. No waiting is necessary.
Recommended Charm: Any stone or stone related item.
Greatest Ally: The Moon
Procedure: It is the same procedure as the Fire element charm. The only difference is that this one must be done at night (particularly during a full moon). When you are done twirling it over the water, put the charm in the water and leave it on the window sill all night. Do NOT let sunlight touch it. If it touches any light the energy will cancel out and will be no good. If you must, set an alarm and move it to a dark closet. It must sit in the dark for a full 24 hours. Afterwards let the charm drip dry in the dark. After its completely dry you can take it out into the light.
Recommended Charm: Feathers or anything light like a feather.
Greatest Ally: Wind
Procedure: This one is the easiest out of all of them. Meditate on the winds energy. While holding the feather at the base with both hands (allow the wind to touch the feather and blow through the fibers) Let the energy travel into the feather itself feeling the winds energy and taking deep breaths. Once you feel you have successfully extracted the winds energy and guided it in the feather, attach it to your chain.
Recommended Charm: Something that should represent the four elements or any stone/stone related item
Procedure: This is where your meditation skills will be tested. You need a candle (lit), a cup of water, any kind of rock or small plant, and your blessed wind charm. Place them around the your Spirit charm clockwise in sequential order which follow the seasons (Air-Autumn, Water-Winter, Earth-Spring, Fire-Summer). Then meditate on all the elements coming together in harmony (imagining a Yin-Yang concept/picture should help). Once you have felt the balance between all four elements, guide that energy to the Spirit charm.
When making the Spirit charm, you can use your previously made charms, it just takes a lot of energy from you to mend those energies together to balance. The main thing you want on the Spirit charm is a pentacle. If you're going to put it on a chain with other element charms, position the Spirit one in the middle of the sequence. That way its all equally balanced.
You should feel some sort of sensations when you have extracted energy from something, whether it is chills, shivers or certain sensations in the head, throat,heart, or stomach (in no particular order. Although slight pain or discomfort on the crown of the head might occur when making the Spirit charm). You may also draw pentacles on each of your charms to give more effect or a faster procedure. Make sure you use black ink or blood to blood-bind it to yourself. If you want to chant, feel free to create your own chant.
The main thing to focus on here is to focus on what each element does to help you. For example: Fire cleanses the spirit of 'sin'. Earth helps growth. Water heals emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically. Air lifts from depression and stress. Spirits guide/help you throughout life. All of which are able to protect you mentally, emotionally, and slightly physically.

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