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Pendulums are used as a method of Divination.

Pendulums are a method of Divination, Divination practice features the use of Tarot Cards, Runes, Crystal Balls, Scrying Mirrors and Pendulums.Pendulums are very good for beginners who are looking to get into Divination, they provide a quick and easy "Yes or No" answer.

The tip to using a Pendulum is you have to understand it's "Language" as it were, all Pendulums have different languages, you NEED to learn yours if you recently purchased one. The Pendulum's can be ranged from wooden to Crystal material, for example my Pendulum is a Quartz Crystal which sadly broke but now I use the Crystal Part as a Quartz Generator, the Pendulum itself can have different correspondences even if they are wood or crystal, for example if your Pendulum has an Amethyst Stone, then it would probably increase the accuracy as Amethyst stones are associated with the Third Eye Chakra which can be channeled for things like Psychic Visions and Premonitions etc. And if your Pendulum is made of the Wood Oak then it would be associated with Protection, Health, Luck, Power and Strength.

To understand your Pendulums Language first obviously you must hold it by its chain or string or whatever its suspender is, then ask it to "Show me a Yes" then it should move ranging from Clockwise, Anticlockwise, Forward and Backward or Backward and Forward, whatever one of these movements your Pendulum does for "Show Me A Yes" then obviously it means that is your Pendulums way of showing you a yes, and then you should ask it to "Show you a no" and then it should do one of the other movements as stated previously, it can take some getting used if you do not use your Pendulum that often, they are interesting little Divining Tools that give you a quick yes or no answer for a current situation.

Enjoy Working with your pendulum's.

Blessed Be )O(

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