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This ritual will allow you to gain an amount of money,this ritual works even in a few hours,depends of the amount of money you demand.

You need some magic water, so you have to purify some water to have for this ritual. The first thing you have to do is to think at how much money you want( you don't have to be greed and ask for an enormous amount of money, try first time with less than 100 $.) Go in to your magic place where you have the altar, or a private space, think at how much money you need, take the glass with purified water and start to visualize a shinny golden aura that surrounds the glass with water. Gather a globe in your hand from this aura and turn yourself to the East , North, West, and South, is have to be in this order. wash your hands with that globe of aura from your hands and than say this incantation: Water is the origin of life. From her was born everything and from the divine spirit power. The water is banishing the unfortunate and brings the good luck and wealth. I don't ask to water an enormous amount of money, just how much i need so i can do what i want to do. I need urgent ...(say how much you need) $. Magic water, may your energy to bring me this amount of money in a short time, because you have the straight to do anything and to step over the obstacles. You are always and very strong, more powerful than me and my need. Help me with your power, for the good and the happiness of everyone. Save me from problems and help the one born from you. So mote it be! (repeat this 3 time) than take a few drops from the purified water and spread over your pocket/wallet/purse,than cover the glass with water and step back,now do what you usually do and you will get that amount of money very soon. When you will get the amount of money that you waned, you have to thanks to the magic water for the help, thanks to the water how you want with your own words, but do it from your hearth! Don't do this ritual more than once per day!

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