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General information & examples of Meditation.


Long Version:

  1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and keep in mind not to get discouraged if at first you don't succed.
  2. Use creative visualization to look inside yourself and find your core. This may take a few tries; as it takes a good amount of concentration & practice.
  3. Once you are connected to your core, visualize white light flowing into you through the top of your head and flowing through your body, filling you with white light.
  4. Let it flow through your feet and into the ground. This will ground you to the earth.
  5. As you feel the light flowing through your body, feel your worries & stress changing into harmony & peace, while centering and balancing your essence.
  6. If your having a hard time turning your worries and stress into harmony and peace than you can visualize the light pushing out negative energy.

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Short Version:

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Take a cleansing breath
  3. Open the crown chakra - top of your head
  4. Let the white in, it will fill you pushing all negative energy out.
  5. Feel your feet planted firmly on the ground.
  6. Now, imagine all the light going through your body into the ground. Negative energy going into the ground.
  7. Close your crown chakra and keep the white light with you.
  8. Open your eyes, feeling your energy whole again.

Alvarez,M.(2012).Your Psychic Self .(1st ed.).Woodbury, MN:Llewelyn Publications.


Since this coven is based on second sight, it would be helpful to find someone from the group and try this in order to get confirmation on your progress. Take a picture of the person you choose (visualization of the person should work as well) and try to send telepathic energies to each other. I remember using this exercise in order to help me developed my intuition and telepathic energies. Try to communicate with one another at a specific time of the night. Ask each other if they received the messages you are trying to channel.

Have you ever thought about someone and than run into them? Usually it's someone you haven't seen or talked to in a while. Sometimes you think of them out of the blue. They just pop in your head for no reason. This has been happening to me for about two years or more. I am connecting with people from my childhood or past. These are people that I lost contact with for some reason or other. There is usually a meaning behind it. If you run into the person they may need you or you may need them. When you run into them this is a sign if your psychic abilities, especially if they tell you they were just thinking about you. You energy and theirs somehow connected. It could be something that you or they need to fix from the past or maybe there was something they wanted you to know. You can always meditate on this. 

Sometimes you may dream of this person. For me this happens a lot. I don't always know why but I somehow run into them or dream of them. Has this happens to you and if so, share your experiences and what type of messages do you get? Also, just because you think of someone doesn't always mean its romantic. People are connected by energy and similar lifestyles and beliefs.

Example Meditation:

Making a Connection: In my meditation I use white light. First I get ready, I get to a place where its quiet than I set up. I turn on the music; I need some type of visual aid. I have a picture of the person. I first visualize that I am above the earth, below the sun.I ground myself to the earth, than I receive the energy from the sun. I cleanse myself first, imagine that the white light is coming into you at the top of your head and pouring through your body. Any toxins or bad energy is leaving your body. Thank when you feel you are ready you can connect with that person. Imagine that there is a connection of white light, the line is coming from you and going straight to that person. Focus on the images, smells, etc. When you get to that person, than you can feel and if you want communicate with them. Tell them anything you want. When you are done, bring back the line and disconnect. It's pretty amazing.

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