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This article will cover information on energy vibrations, charging, etc.

Vibrations & Balance:

The color of a crystal can determine the rate that its atoms vibrate. The vibrations can then be matched to the energy given off by our auras and chakras to help balance them.

Energy Channeling:

Energy, associated with the crystal and its corresponding qualities, can be amplified to increase the energy for spells, rituals, psychic work, etc. For example, energy focused into an amethyst crystal can help with psychic work.

Crystals & Magic:

When casting spells, use crystals that correspond to the spell and associated spell materials.

*They can channel, manipulate, balance, and store energy.

*They can be anointed with oil to increase their powers/energies.

*They can be used in divination.

*They can be used as good luck charms.

*If soaked in a glass of water it can make a ''gem remedy'' to help in healing. The water is then consumed to take in this healing energy.

*Placing crystals around the home can promote healing energies.

Crystals & Chakras:

Crystals can be used to stimulate the chakras.

*White and clear stones stimulate the crown chakra.

*Violet and purple stones stimulate the brow chakra.

*Blue stones stimulate the throat chakra.

*Pink and green stones stimulate the heart chakra.

*Yellow stones stimulate the stomach or solar plexus chakra.

*Orange stones stimulate the womb or sacrum or sacral chakra.

*Black and red stones stimulate the base chakra.

Charging Crystals:

The best time to charge your crystal is during the waxing moon because this is a time when energy naturally increases. You can direct energy toward the crystal to charge it during this time, and then place it in the light of the full moon to give it an extra boost of energy. It is a good idea to regularly charge your crystals (during the waxing of the moon or when you feel it necessary) so that they keep their potency.


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