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Meditation: Going to Alpha

Rated 5/5 Stars
A description of using meditation in magic and a meditation for going to Alpha.

Meditation is often spoken of in the course of magic, but very little is ever said on how to really use it. Most meditation that is discussed deals with the quieting and focusing of the mind. This is usually done with either counting the breaths or sitting in a Zen state. Certainly there is some benefit from this, as it is relaxing and improves the ability to focus the mind on a single task. However, it does little to actually help with magical work.

For magical work to be successful, two things have to happen. First, the mind must be brought to bare on one topic. Second, the desired result must be transmitted to the subconscious mind. The problem is that our subconscious mind has filters in place that edit out things. This results in much of our concentrated effort being lost. So, we must bypass the critical factor.


Hense we have the Alpha meditation. This exercise is set up to bypass the critical factor and put you into a deep, relaxed and focused state of mind that will allow you to send your images directly to your subconscious mind.

Start by taking a deep breath, and mentally picture and say the number three, three times. Now, starting at the feet become aware of them, how they feel. Now, tense them for just a moment… and relax them. Let all the tension drain out, and let your feet go into a deep state of relaxation that will become deeper as you go. Next, become aware of your lower legs, your calves and shins. Feel them. Now tense them for a moment… And relax them. All the tension is still flowing out, and your calves and feet go into a deeper state of relaxation, that becomes deeper and deeper.

Now, focus on your thighs. Become aware of how they feel. Now, tense them for a moment… And relax them. Allow all the tension to drain out, so that your thighs, calves and feet are completely relaxed, in a deep relaxation that becomes deeper and deeper. Then, become aware of your hips, your rear, and your waist. Take note of how these areas feel, and then tense them for a moment… And relax them, letting all the tension drain out so that your hips, thighs, calves and feet go into a deeply relaxed state, which becomes deeper and deeper as you continue.

Now, become aware of your abdomen and your stomach, both on the outside and the inside. Take note of how it feels. Now, tense your abdomen… And relax, allowing tension to flow away and your abdomen to go into a deeply relaxed state, getting deeper and deeper as we continue. Become aware of your chest, your lungs and your pectorals. Take note of how they feel. Now, tense them… And relax them, so that all the tension drains away and your chest, abdomen, hips, thighs, calves and feet are deeply relaxed and continue to go deeper and deeper.

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Become aware of your lower back, and all the tension carried there. Take note of how it feels. Now, tense and hold the lower back… And relax, allowing your tension to fade away and your back to go deeper and deeper into relaxation. Now become aware of your upper back and shoulders. Notice how they feel. Now, tense them… And relax them, letting all of the tension drain out, allowing them to relax, so that your shoulders, back, chest, abdomen, hips, thighs, calves and feet are all relaxed, and relaxing more and more.

Now, move your awareness to your neck and feel the neck muscles as well as the skin over the neck. Now, tense the neck muscles… And relax, allowing tension to fade away and allowing them to become deeper relaxed. Become aware of the scalp, and the skin covering the skull. Feel the scalp, and imagine it becoming tense… And relax, letting all the tension drain from your scalp and neck. Now, become aware of your face. All of the small muscles in the face, eyes, mouth and jaw. Tense your face for a moment… And relax, allowing your face and head, neck, back and chest, hips, thighs, calves and feet to relax, and to continue to go deeper and deeper as you continue.

Now, say to yourself 'This is my deep level of physical relaxation. Level three. I can quickly and easily return to this level whenever I wish by visualizing and saying the number three, three times.'

And, with your body now relaxed, it is time to relax your mind. First, take a deep breath in and as you exhale visualize the number two, three times, and mentally repeat the number three times.

There are two ways to relax, physically and mentally. Mental relaxation begins with mentally counting backwards from a number, say 100, in a very specific way. You should count like this: 100… Deeper relaxed… 99… Deeper relaxed… And so on. And what you will find is that by the time you reach 98, or maybe 97, your mind will be so relaxed that it is easier to let the numbers fade away. Don’t worry, these numbers are only for relaxation. Your numbers that you use every day will not fade away. Now, go ahead and begin with…

100… (Deeper relaxed)

Good, slower now…

99… (Deeper relaxed)

Beginning to fade away…

98… (Deeper relaxed)

Almost gone…

97… (Deeper relaxed)

And allowing them to fade away, as your mind becomes more and more relaxed with every breath, going deeper and deeper.

And mentally say 'This is my deep level of mental relaxation. Level two. I can quickly and easily return to this level whenever I wish by mental saying and visualizing the number two, three times.'

Next is the step down to Alpha. To go down to Alpha, take a deep breath and as you exhale mentally say and visualize the number one, three times.

And you are at Alpha, a deeper state of mind. You can go even deeper down by counting down. As you count down from 10, with each count allow your mind to go deeper down, down into a deeper mental state.


Nine… Deeper and deeper…



Six… Going deeper and deeper…



Three… Deeper and deeper…


One… A deeper level of mind. Deeper than you were before.

Say in your mind 'I am in Alpha, a deeper level of mind. This is my base Alpha state, which I may return to at any time by mentally saying and visualizing the number one, three times.'

You will now be at the Alpha state. This is also sometimes called the Astral Plane and, although they are truly different, they have similar effects. At this point, you are at a deeper level of mental capability than you are when you are normally awake. It may feel like you are day dreaming. You could open your eyes up at any time and come out of it. You are relaxed, focused and in control. This is exactly where you want to be for the practice of magic. But now, you need to know how to come out of it.

If you walked around in Alpha all the time, you would have very little to filter what goes into your subconscious mind. That means all energies would affect you, even if you didn’t want them too.

To come up from this, simply count from zero up to five. And as you count from zero to five, with every count you become more and more awake.

To come out of meditation, mentally count

Zero… And at zero you may have a tendency to go slightly deeper…

One… Becoming more aware of your body, your arms and legs…

Two… Feeling the energy moving through your body, energizing it.

Three… Feeling good about yourself, and the progress you are making…

Four… Sensations increasing, energy increasing and good feelings increasing…

Five. Open your eyes, feel wide awake and aware.

And you do feel good, don’t you?

And there you have the basic form of meditation. You will want to memorize the process for putting yourself in to Alpha and bringing yourself back out. You also need to learn to use the exact words and terminology used. It is formulated so that you will get the maximum benefit from it. Practice this every day for at least a month. With practice, you will be able to go into Alpha and stay in it as you open your eyes and move around your temple. As you repeat this, you will find it becoming easier and easier to access Alpha. You are training your mind and body.

Added to on Apr 02, 2013
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