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Higher Magics may not be the largest coven, or the most active coven around, but we like it that way. As a small coven, you will have a more intimate, growth-fostering, and hands-on experience as opposed to a soup-kitchen learning environment,

This coven focuses on developing a deeper understanding of yourself, becoming balanced, and becoming in tune with the Universe and the All through the use of mystical methods. The teachings cover an eclectic range of topics and any path is compatible (we try to cover every path, religion, and topic excepting, generally, things like money or love spells). And while we encourage friendly conversation, we also do not mandate activity - you needn't speak unless you've got something to say.

More about Higher Magicks

High Magick is the art of ritual ceremony. What's more, it does not involve casting love spells, money spells, or otherwise seeking personal gain. Its intention is to expand the consciousness through interaction with the cosmos, and delving into the oftentimes taboo arts of invocation and evocation, wherein we call or summon entities from which we learn. In this manner, it is not so different from some shamanic or more "natural," paths, though its embrace of Hermetic and other similar western traditions have often left it regarded as a separate path entirely.

In the coven Higher Magick , as you might have guessed, we embrace these traditions but also do we embrace the new. We seek all methods, both modern and traditional, that might aid us in embracing enlightenment and deepening our understanding of the multiverse and magic. We embrace practitioners from all paths and varieties of spirituality, however we demand an open mind and an ability to debate, converse, and explore with logic and maturity.

If you are seeking a coven that accepts everyone to simply fill its ranks, please turn around and look elsewhere. Likewise, do not expect that we will offer blanket protection or other such magical aid, you may wish to look elsewhere. While we do embrace all paths, we focus our studies and discussions on high magic and seek only those who will work well with our current members, and aid in our attempts to discuss and discover the nature of the planes, spiritual entities, and the forces of magic. Our discussions of other paths are in regards to how they relate to high magic or can be used with high magic. The simple truth is that in seeking this dynamic we reject more applications than we accept. If your application is rejected and a reason is not given as to why, feel free to reapply and explain why you feel you are suited for the coven in more depth.

We do have a study program. It is not a requirement for membership, but it is wonderful way to start your practice if you are beginning, or to further expand it if you have some experience.

The coven has started a book club as well, every member is welcome to join in and read the book via pdf and discuss along with the group. Our current book is The Magician's Kabbalah by Frater FP.

To Apply

Please click the apply button on the Higher Magicks coven page and mail the High Priest AND High Priestess the following, completed, questionnaire. If you do not complete the questionnaire you application will be denied. Please note that you may be asked further questions upon the receipt of your application. Failing to answer any question will likely result in rejection. It may take a few a little bit for your application to be reviewed and approved dur to work, schedules, etc. Please be paitent, and we shall mail you the decision when the review process is completed.

  1. What is your age?
  2. Have you fully read and understood the description of Higher Magicks given above?
  3. How long have you been practicing/studying magic?
  4. What varieties of magic do you study/practice with regularity, currently?
  5. How do you define magic?
  6. What aspects of magic have you studied in the past or otherwise possess experience in?
  7. How often do you login in to Spells of Magic?
  8. Do you intend to contribute to our Coven Forum?
  9. What are your goals in joining this coven?
  10. Why did you choose to apply to Higher Magicks?
  11. Are there specific topics you would like to learn about or teach? If so, what are they?
  12. Please list all current and previous user names you are associated with on SoM?

Please note that while we do not have formal rules and restrictions, all members are expected to conduct themselves honestly, with intelligence, maturity and integrity. Activity within the coven chat and forums is encouraged and appreciated, and lack thereof may result in eventual removal from the Coven. If at any time the priest or priestess determines you are out of line, or otherwise unsuited for the Coven, you will be removed.

Offering our perspective, support, and friendship, we are sister covens with:

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High Priest
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