The Real Vodou Zombies

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Are zombies a real part of Vodou or just a myth?

Zombies in Haiti Are zombies a real part of Vodou or just a myth? This question is very easily answered, Yes! The creation of Zombies became a part of the Vodou practice. Drugs are used to cause the half living creature. The drug is given to the zombie and administered over sorcerers called Bokor's. This name brings fear to many Haitians who do live this as a reality.

A Bokor is a Vodouisant who practices black magick and is said to rob the tombs, taking away the dead to turn them. This is said to be useful for them for labor and some zombies are even sold into slave labor. They may be alive but they have no personality or sense of mind really. They just walk, feed, and keep going, remembering nothing of their past life. Few Haitians have actually seen a zombie, some say it is because the appearance they have of a normal human being.

As the body ages, the zombie begins to lose movement to a point where the Bokor can no longer do anything. Remember, these are rotten bodies walking around that have been dead but are still walking. Many cult movies have come out of Haiti from the belief in zombies, including the movie "White Zombie" made in 1932.

Before the person is dead, it is said that the Bokor takes the soul of the person and seals it in a bottle. This soon leads to death of the person and the funeral following. Soon after, the Bokor returns at night to claim the body. He opens the grave and passes the bottle under the zombies nose, said to awaken him. Through this, he then takes the body away. But Ibetyou are wondering, How do they control these creatures of the night? Rituals, beatings, and regular issues of drugs are given to make sure that they follow their masters commands.

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