Active powers.

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This small article will help you find and control your active power(s) if you have any. Only born witches have them.

An active power is a spell or ability you can use on command without words such as premonition,levitation (possibly), time freeze, and such like that. No this is not your Element. That you can control naturally. It has nothing to do with your power depending on the Elements of witches.

I am still searching for mine. Of course to use yours you must first find it.You can do this by meditation, testing, and seeking guidance. Once you figure out what it is you who must figure out how to control it through actions such as hand motions,your emotions, and such like that.

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Apr 01, 2019
The idea of an ''Active Power'' comes from the TV Show Charmed (the old one and the reboot). The ''powers'' of time freezing, levitation, and premonition come from the Charmed Ones. And while I enjoyed the show , these things albeit premonition is real though it doesn't work the same way it does on tv.

Apr 02, 2019
I'm glad you clarified on the premonition statement. I was going to add in here that premonitions can be very real, they're just not quite like depicted on TV (as usually nothing is).

Nov 14, 2020
You have no powers to activate. You might have hidden talents in the craft you will learn about as you practice, but it will not be something like in Charmed as this article suggests.

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