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Name: Pike
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I have been a practicing Wiccan since 2009 and (actively) Witchcraft since 2007, though prior to that I have always been practicing I just wanted to give myself time to learn about the practice before I call myself a Witch.I am also a 4th level Reiki Master. (Yes, that photo of the guy in a black wetsuit holding a surfboard is me. It was taken in 2017)

Ever since I was born it turns out that I have always been focusing and directing energy, though at the time I didn't know I was using magick. It wasn't until 2009 I began my practice of Wicca and started getting really into the practice. 2007 was when I learned about the Internet so that was when I started active research on my experiences and was how I discovered what I'm doing is called Magick. But I've always been practicing, it's just that I didn't start formal training until about 2008 or 09. I founded my own coven at Samhain 2015 and I have continued to run it ever since, this was my first "official" coven where after learning what Wicca was all about, we thought it best to re-make the coven with a new name. I also serve as High Priest of the Gardnerian tradition and with a total of five daughter covens and four training circles. And as of June 2014 I am also a 3rd Degree Gardnerian initiate.

My Spiritual practice includes but is absolutely not limited to the following and is listed in alphabetical order for readability:

  • Candle Magick-Both Flame Divination and Ritual Candle Remains
  • Candle Readings
  • Celtic Paganism- I am actively studying all forms of Paganism but I enjoy practicing Celtic.
  • Ceremonial Rituals/Workings.
  • Color Magick
  • Crystal Magick
  • Elemental Magick
  • Formally trained in Latin-At the time of this update on 4/21/2020 it's been 15 years.
  • Herbal witchcraft
  • Herbalism-Potion Brewing, Conjure Bags,ect
  • Hoodoo
  • Kitchen witchcraft
  • Lunar Magick
  • Oracle Divination
  • Pendulum Readings-I have so many different crystal Pendulums that I don't have a favorite.
  • Rune Magick-As well as in Spell Writings such as Hoodoo Petitions
  • Sea Witchcraft-I call it Water Witchcraft as I don't limit myself to only one form that water takes.
  • Sigil Magick-Creation through destruction, I see it as the art of making the intention/desire charged in a symbol on paper and transforming it into reality by the Element of Fire.
  • Tarot Divination
  • The Basics (always being re-viewed)
  • Witchcraft
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Reiki-4thLevel Reiki Master (on 6/.1/2020)
  • Wicca -Gardnerian

Obviously this is not a full list, just what I can think of off the top of my head.

If you wish to contact me please put the entire question in one message instead of "Can I ask you a question?" being your whole email. Please have a subject something like "Hi" is not adaptable and is difficultto understand what your asking me. I feel as though one reason I am here is to teach others as I would have wanted to have someone I could talk to about all the spiritual signs and experiences I've been seeing since forever.