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I'm new to the site not to the craft. *Practitioner of Wicca with 11 years of experience, I follow traditional Wicca. Message me if you want and I'll try to help as best I can. If you want me to cast a spell for you, you can go to my site, some wiccan friends created it and I joined them. A song I wrote to honor my goddess Hecate: Sing at least three times as in modern Wicca Hecate is a triple goddess associated with the maiden, mother, and crone. However, in paganism she is never thought of as being old, as how the crone is depicted. Words of the song: "Mother of Darkness/ bringer of light/ you who are with me day and night/ Keeper of keys and mystery, oh Goddess my praises go to thee!/ Mistress of magic, gracious queen/ show me all that goes unseen/ To learn of you is to learn of me, only then will I truly see/ be-yond the mystery and the illusions of this life." the be-yond is meant to show that your supposed to stretch that word out for it to fit with the song's tempo and mystery as well.