How To Induce Lycanthropy.

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A set of rites which may be utilized for induction of a wolf like state.


In preparation to the exertion of such magnetism a span of three

days should be given where in thou should avoid caprice and

vain speech, refrain from any sexual activity and fast with

great and thorough continence. These preparations will increase

the amount of kundalini in the nervous system and control of

the thoughts requisite for magical activities.

During this time study the form of the animal how it is

analogous to the body, their vocalizations, their viscous

and primal behavior.


Take an athame or other proper implement preferably

pointed, concentrate on energy flowing from the head

down the arm and through the implement and out it's

tip. With it trace a hexagram imagining a trail of

sparkling red light following the tip of the implement.

Trace a circle around it and finally the sigil of

Mars in the center. Point the implement into the

center of this glyph and meditate on martial attributes

wrath, strength, adrenaline, combat and stare into

the middle of the hexagram and endeavor to behold

a vision of a viscous snarling wolf with it's hair

raised. It may help to vision wolves fighting.

Concentrate on the feeling this contains and draw

it into yourself imagining it as building up

as a sparkling red light in the chest. Let your

adrenaline rush, allow the body to quiver.

This should establish a proper planetary connection.


Taking again the implement preferably a dagger

or athame thrust it into the ground and hold onto

the handle [Hollowed stick such as bamboo

should also suffice]. Begin to imagine the form of a dark

grey wolf with white eyes enveloping and surrounding

the body as if looking through it from behind your

eyes wearing the form like a skin. Imagine then

that you have made yourself a magnet to pull in

the life-force of a wolf from the ground. The

ground is a place of great psychic interference

and should provide a sound link to the animal's

microcosm. Begin to chant monotonously while

breathing out the word Fen-Reer in order to

draw the energy of a wolf into yourself, do

this until it has manifested enough for it

to feel almost tangible. Concentrate on and

remember this feeling you pick up. Properly

invoked it should contain the etheric energy

of a wolf which you will use to change your



Let the form envelope you as before, like

your underneath it's skin and not your own.

Position yourself that you best represent

a quadruped (four legged creature) either

standing (on toes, elbows near chest) or lying down.

Chant with much force the word Fen-reer. Use

it to invoke the feeling you acquired into

yourself. Now slowly let your mind slip

away and allow yourself to be possessed

by this animal essence as if by a demon.

Block your own mind and thoughts out.

Starting to act like, think like

and move like a wolf is a good sign.

Dropping on all fours is also a good sign.

Let this being control you as if there

were a wolf taking the place of yourself

and body and mind.

Do this alone, to snap out of this state

simply stand up or just begin to act

like yourself again. Let your thoughts

back in. This state should be relaxing.


Fen-reer should become a word of power

for this especial purpose. Use it whenever

you need a boost of wolf-energy. Whenever

you repeat the word do so while breathing

out and put some strain on your body

use it as a link to the wolf feeling you

have procured.

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Feb 26, 2021
Needs an edit. Also, you cannot physically transform, nor can go gain wolf powers by shouting fen-reer. That said, it can be altered to be a dedication or calling to the Norse (God?) Fenrir, the giant wolf, son of Loki. If you work with Fenrir, you can use him as a symbol of strength and agility, and can call on him to aid you when needed. However, you will not be possessed by him, transform into him, or become a wolf with this ritual.

Mar 01, 2021
Why would anyone want to become a werewolf

Nov 19, 2021
You can’t

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