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I'm going to copy/paste some GREAT info from the book, Wightridden (by Raven K, all credit goes to him) , about horsing deities. In particular, certain deities and the traits they can exhibit.

"The Gods and wights of NT have their own distinct natures. But if one had to sum up the lot of them, one could say they are stoic, indepedent, warlike, earthly, bloody, pushy, pratical and passionate all at once. While they can be terrible if they are offended, they stand less on dignity and ceremony if you are willing to do for them. Unless they have decided to claim you or take interest in you, they see no reason to bother you for no return on their part. However there are, of course, differences between them. Given that there are three seperate pantheons, all having different flavor.

Given those differences, here is a list of some of the Gods that have been horsed, what they have liked/disliked during their tenures, etc.

-First, don't invite Odin in without having good quality alcohol on hand. That's courtesy. In general he can drink quite a bit, and not get drunk, so keep it coming! He likes tobacco, but prefers it in a pipe. He likes red meat, especially beef, and spearlike vegetables. His preffered colors are normally blue, grey or black. The person who is acting as the Horse may wish to wear a cloak, or a wide-brimmed floppy hat with an eyepatch to symbolize Odin. He likes to talk. He likes to counsel. He likes to solve disputes. Don't mention the debate between Baldr/Loki's punishment- as that is one of those "sensitive" areas we normally don't suggest getting into. He has a terrifying side, fear inspiring.
-One thing Odin has done while being channeled is threaten individuals with his spear by placing it against their hearts (and yes, you should still give the Horse a spearlike object- even knowing they might do this). It's a flinch test, to see how someone will react to him.

-Make sure the place is neat, or kept clean. She prefers things that are white, ivory blue, or pale shades of blue like the colors of the sky and clouds. She is said to enjoy plum wine, or other light fruity wines. Often channeling her is like having a tea party. You might find yourself making bread and pastry. As with Odin, avoid the Baldr debate. Normally she prefers a female horse, unlike Odin who does not have a specific gender.

There are many handmaidens, each with different personalities. Before horsing any of them, you should get to know them all as individuals and their traits should be represented through the horse.

"Thor is one of the guys!". He doesn't mind clothing, even modern clothing, though he does seem to like plaid and red colors. Something practical, woodsy even, masculine. Usually Thor prefers to have a male horse. You can imagine why. The Horse should, ideally, be wearing a Mjollnir around his neck. He like cheery colors and PLENTY of beer. Lots of it. Excess amounts. Make sure to have the attendants looking after the health of the horse, because Thor often can drink more than the horse can handle. Goat roast is appropriate to serve Thor, but don't break the bones. He is one of the least-flirty Gods, and it is advised not to even bring that up.

Tyr is a fan of dark colors like red and grey. He often carries something swordlike slung on his right side. He prefers male horses, like Thor. He acts in a very grim, stern manner for the most part, and does not like to stick around more than he has to or needs to. He's not a "party" guy. It is a kindness to provide a cloak that is slung over the right hand of the horse, as they will not be able to feel or move that hand throughout the experience. You can imagine why.

He is most never called into a horse, because to bring him down to us would mean taking him away from his post. Which seems unwise. If he does come at all, it is often for a very short time. You can give him beer, and something symbolic of rams.Like the two before him, he prefers male horses.

Her colors are usually green and gold, though occasionally red and crimson. She likes flowing gowns and cloaks, and "as much jewlrey as the horse can stand to wear". She likes candies and sweet things. Like the other Vanir she is a fan of pork. She generally prefers a female horse, but has been known to be called into men- and promptly dressed them in drag. She seems to be very fond of having attendants who are bisexual, and flirtacious. If she is in a flirty mood, she may snatch someone and take them somewhere private. If she is in her warrior-mode, she's likely to be less playful.

Nerthus and Njord
They tend to actually come together in a pair. Nerthus likes a female horse. She likes beer, thick and stout. She usually requires herself to be veiled. She is practical, and blunt, though she prefers to be very private and sticks to herself. Njord prefers a male horse. He is fond of rum and salmon. He likes the colors of the sea and occasionally requires that you call him "Captain".

Frey is an easy going guy for the most part, and he really really likes food. Ingrediants should be very natural.He likes to wear linen clothing, with yellow golds and greens. Sometimes he likes to make a crown of leaves and other items he can find. He does like to have sex, and is not particularly picky about which gender the opposite party is. He will not hit on anyone who isn't enthusiastic about it.

Frey's etin bride, who is generally very quiet in comparison. She normally only comes if Frey is somehow involved. She dislikes crowds and large gatherings of people.If you anger her, which we advise against, she is known for lashing out verbally. Don't touch her. Don't make her uncomfortable. She only horses in females, never males.

She rarely takes a horse, but if she does she likes to be dressed in furs and white clothing. A bow an arrow would make her feel more comfortable. She likes to be served game meat, and vodka. Do not touch her, do not grovel with her or be pityful. She wants female horses.

Hel has a different sort of aura about her. While most of the deities glow and shine, she seems to have a black hole that sucks in light. Sometimes she seems to be feeding off the people around her. Food is rarely important to her. Though she likes dried flowers, especially roses. She likes to wear long, simply robes of blacks or grey. Sometimes she wears a veil over her head. Some horses paint half their face with a skull mask in her honor. She will never hold out her right hand, and you should never under any circumstance, touch it. She often horses females but occasionally will horse a male. She does not like attendants. She is known to be very still, sometimes not moving at all, but walking with a slightly limp, slowly, when she has to.

Loki is a hard ride to handle. First, he will push the boundaries of the horse and might do things the horse doesn't like. Second, he doesn't always stick to the "Agreed upon" rules regarding any event. Third, he likes to stir things up. None of the other Gods would hit on someone who wasn't interested in the idea, but Loki would hit on a straight guy just to see what happens for entertainment value. People who are present at a Loki horsing should be very aware of this, and be prepare to "roll with the punches", or things can go very, very wrong. He will horse any gender, though if he is having sex he obviously would prefer a male horse. He'll eat just about anything, and seems to like junk food and booze. He likes weird toys, childish things, sparklers, fireworks, etc. He often has a short attention span. Make sure the horse and the attendants are not easily offended people. We often call these people "Loki's chew toys" because he will exploit that in everyone around him.

She prefers to horse females, but not just any female. She likes tall strong women. She is very much a giantess, and takes large confident steps. She does not like restricting clothing and prefers to wear pants. She is a warrior, and often carries around a knife. She likes to be served meat and hard liquor. She is often loud and claps people on the shoulder. She has little patience for whiners. She likes sex, and has a large.. LARGE.. amount of stamina. So be warned.

Sigyn can come in two ways.As the child bride, or the adult woman who has been through Loki's punishment. Should she come in the forse, she likes flowers and lavender, also pink things. Dolls, toys and cakes are appropriate for this. For the latter, she seems very solem and quiet, and often doesn't have much to say.

Horsing fenrir is a rare, and sometimes dangerous, thing. But it can be done. Normally the horse is chained or tied up. They often howl, and will speak in very rough hard words if they speak at all. Horsing him is usually done as an offering, as tribute, and to "feed" him. To do it for any reason outside of that is not wise. He enjoys voluntary pain. He enjoys fresh meats and blood. He also enjoys the emotion of fear, like Hel.He is often called the "God of Last Resorts" and he is called that for a reason. To work with Fenrir is to unleash a part of yourself that most people spend their lives trying to bury or get rid of. He is extremeity, the very definition of it. And he often wears his horses out.

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