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This artical explains the process of how I absorb and channel energy.

Absorbing Energy:

First off I start with some meditation to clear my mind and to focus. Next i visuallize the energy that I want to absorb flowing through me coming up from the ground to my feet and down from the sky to my head. Then I visuallize it surrounding me like a ball. Then I visuallize the energy getting sucked into my body. After getting sucked into my body it starts to flow at a constant rate of speed going all throughout my body from my head to my feet all while feeling the energy moving.

Channeling Energy:

After absorbing the energy I usually start to visuallize it getting channeled into either a part of my body or an item (for example a weapon). I usually feel the energy coursing through my body or the item. Then I put the energy to good use like for spells and rituals ect.

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