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This is a ritual for blessing and consecrating all of your ritual tools.

It doesn't matter if the tools are only for dragon magick or if they are for all types of magick, it is still wise, and a nice gesture to ask the dragons to add their power. This ritual is best done at the Full Moon or at noon. All of your tools may be consecrated at once, or at different times if you haven't collected all of the magickal tools you want. This goes with any type of consecration ritual. Have pure frankincense gum to burn in the incense burner.

NOTE: With most incense that is from pure substances, especially gums, a little goes a long way.

Tools that you will find useful at this point in practicing dragon magick are the dragon pentacle (a pentacle with a dragon, in, on, or around it), the pentacle disk, incense burner, chalices, salt dish, sword, and wand. If you cannot drink wine, substitute apple cider, fruit juice, or soda. Arrange the ritual area with care. It is best to set the altar in the middle of your working area facing east. It is best to have two altar candles, a black one on the left, and a white one on the right, to see by. However, they are not necessary. You can play soft instrumental music if you wish. It helps to create the atmosphere and blocks out background noises.

Once the circle is cast, DO NOT cross the boundary until the ritual is finished, as this will dissipate the energy of the circle, and dragon power is a very unpredictable and very different kind of magick, and could be dangerous if played around with and if you are frivolous and half-hearted about your work.

Begin the ritual by going to the east. With the forefinger of your power hand, generally the one you write with, "draw" your magickal circle on the floor and seeing great flames shooting from it. Move clockwise around the circle with this flame; end by overlapping it in the east. While drawing the circle, say:

"By Dragon Power, this circle is sealed!"

Return to the altar. Put a small amount of frankincense on the incense burner. Point your forefinger at the burner; say:

"By Dragon Power, I call you purified!"

Lift the incense burner and carry it clockwise around the edge of the cast circle, beginning and ending in the east. Return the burner to the altar. Slowly pass the pentacle disk through the incense smoke. Say:

?Element of Spirit, by Dragon Power I call you purified!"

Set the dish of salt on the pentacle disk. Circle the dish three times clockwise your forefinger. Say:

?Out of the darkness of Earth and Sea comes this blessed salt. By Dragon power, I call you purified!"

Sprinkle a few grains of salt on all four corners of the altar. This sprinkling purifies the altar and may be done at any time, whether during ritual or as a cleansing if someone has messed about with your altar. Pass the dragon pentacle through the incense smoke and say:

"Element of Spirit, by Dragon Power, I call you purified!"

With the dragon pentacle in you power hand, go to the eastern quarter. Hold up the dragon pentacle, facing east, and say:

?Dragons of Air, behold your symbol and ally!"

Moving clockwise, go to the south. Hold up the pentacle and say:

"Dragons of Fire, behold your symbol and ally!"

Go to the west; hold up the pentacle and say:

?Dragons of Water, behold your symbol and ally!"

Finally, go to the north; hold up the dragon pentacle and say:

?Dragons of Earth, behold you symbol and ally!"

Return to the altar. Lay aside the dragon pentacle and take up the sword. Touch it briefly to the pentacle disk and pass it through the incense smoke. Say:

?Sword of Fire, O (name of sword), By Dragon Power I call you purified!"

Hold the sword for a few moments before the dragon pentacle. Put down the sword and take up the dagger. Touch it to the pentacle disk and pass it through the incense smoke, and say:

?Dagger of Fire, O (name of dagger), By Dragon Power I call you purified!"

Hold the dagger for a few moments in front of the dragon pentacle. For each tool, set it briefly on the pentacle disk, wave in the incense, then say something like;

?(name of tool) of (element), by Dragon Power, I call you purified!"

Now is an excellent time to chant and use free-form dancing. Invite the dragons to come and share in the energy you are raising and your joy of working dragon magick. Talk to them of your hopes and dreams, and listen to see if they have any advice. To close the ritual, take your sword in your power hand, your wand or staff in the other, and go to the eastern quarter. Hold up the sword in salute and say:

?Dragons of Air, behold these tools of magick, consecrated by dragon power. Let us be one in magick. Farewell, O dragons great and wise."

Move clockwise around the circle, using the words above, except inserting the proper element for each quarter. Return to the altar. Point the sword at the dragon pentacle and say:

?Dragons of Spirit, highest of dragons and most powerful, bless this altar with your fire. Let us be one in magcik. Farewell, O dragons great and wise."

Cut the circle with a backwards sweep of the sword. Extinguish all candles and such, and leave the tools on the altar overnight, to be further empowered, and in case the dragons want to add special blessings to them.

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