Breaking the Bonds of Addiction

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This is a ritual is for both physical and psychological addictions. It is meant to cut away the negative from your life, and replace it with positive.


1 Black Taper candle

1 Gold Taper candle

Lemon juice

Sea salt

Dressing oil (sandalwood or lavender work well)

Candle holder or ceramic plate.

1. Write a list of all the bad things you wish to cut away from your life. Be sure to be specific. Make another list on a separate piece of paper. This time list the positive things you wish to draw into your life, to replace each bad thing you are cutting away. Make sure they are equal in amount and once again be very specific. The lists can be as long as you choose, as long as you remember to replace each thing cut away, with something to bring into your life.


2. Gather your tools in a safe place where you can burn your candles till they are gone.

3. Place your list of cut aways in front of you. Wet your hands in the lemon juice and rub your black candle from the center out to the ends, in a counterclockwise motion. While doing so, focus on all the things on your list. Picture them as clearly as possible and review this three times while you anoint your candle.

4. Set your candle in the holder and light it. Using your candle, burn the cutting away list till it is nothing but ash. As you do this, feel these things leaving you and going into the candle.

5. Let the candle burn till it is gone.

6. When the black candle is almost burnt, bless your gold candle. Rub it from the ends in, using a clockwise motion. Review your list of things that you wish to bring into your life, to replace the bad. Once again, focus on pouring those positive things into the candle and into your life. Repeat three times.

7. Once the black is out, light the gold candle.

8. Burn your positives list and feel the replace the gaps left by the negative.

9. Let the candle burn down to the end.

10. When done, take a warm bath with 1/2 to 1 cup lemon juice added to the water. Scrub yourself from head to toe with the sea salt. Visualize all the negativity being washed out of your body and spirit. When you pull the plug, see it going down the drain, being taken far away from you.

11. As an added boost, for the next seven nights, take a bath with milk and honey added. This helps to soothe and cleanse both the body and spirit.

12. For the next seven mornings, shower or bathe with lemon and sea salt. This helps to draw out negativity and to flush toxins that are sweat out during the night.

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