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Sage has long been burned to purify and cleanse a space.

Sage has long been burned to purify and cleanse

a space. The ancients burned dried sprigs of sage

in temples and during religious rituals. The Greeks

and Romans wrote that the smoke imparted wisdom

and mental acuity. In the tenth century, Arab physicians

said that sage brought about immortality, or at the very

least, a long and healthy life. In England, seventeenth-century

servants of the royal family scattered a blend of sage

and lavender on the floors at court to help disguise the

aroma of day to day life.

In magic, carry sage leaves in your wallet or

purse to promote financial gain. Burn leaves

to increase wisdom or gain guidance from

your spirit guide. Make a wish and write it on

a sage leaf, and then hide it beneath your

pillow -- if you dream about your wish over

the next three nights, your wish will come true.

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