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An article describing the process of making a pendulum.

A pendulum is any device with a type of stone(or, for the better pendulums, a crystal) attached and can be used for certain ''supernatural'' purposes. These devices generally are kept as necklaces, bracelets, or charms so that they may be worn which, in the case of crystals, allows the stone to bond with you. Crystals are in fact living things and as such should be treated with care, respect, and above all; love.

A pendulum can be made with some object allowing for length and grip; chain, rope, string, thread, etc. An object used for securing the crystal to the length and grip; generally a string and some glue. And an object used for the focusing point; crystal, polished stone, natural stone, etc. Some people will also add other objects to the length and grip for added decor such as beads or feathers, but these are not required and feathers are not often recommended for any part other then the part that is not dangling with the focusing point.

For my example I will explain how to do this with chain, a crystal, string and glue, beads, and a feather.

Collecting Materials:

The materials you choose should actually be chosen by the crystal, likewise the crystal should choose you. To find your crystal hold various crystals in your hand while shopping for them or, in the case of mining them, hold you hand on the crystal and see if it feels right to take it. To do this you will have to meditate and be sure it is the crystal saying it's ok and not just your desire. To find the right materials hold your crystal in one hand and the potential crafting material in the other, if the material feels right then you have got what you need. If the material does not feel right, however, I strongly advise you to wait until you have all that you need.

Securing the Crystal

Once you have the right string you will have to tie it around the base of the crystal, opposite end from the narrowed point-tip, and secure it with a very good glue such as super glue. Then use the chosen beads on the two ends of the string that are left loose after being tied around the crystal. Tie the loose ends securely, bind with super glue carefully, and let it all dry.

Preparing the Chain

To either end of the chain, not in the middle, you may tie or glue your feather securely to it. When wearing the pendulum as a necklace this feather will hang down your back. Although this may not give much of a view of it to other people, a heavier feather may help to keep your necklace evenly placed so that the back does not end up in the front.


Before relying on your crystal you should wear and bond with it. In time you will know it's gender and name, all crystals have both. My crystal, for example, is a female and her name is Morwen which means Daughter of Darkness. I have learned her interests, her likes, her dislikes, and I have learned that she has a great sense of humor. Also, she thinks it's funny that we have toes.


After having bonded with your crystal it will be time to test out your pendulum. Start by writing a + sign on a piece of paper. At both the top and bottom of the vertical line write ''yes'' while on the left and right ''no'' should be written. Meditate, clear your mind, and ask simple questions such as ''is the sky blue'' see the answer and then check. Although the questions should be simple, they should not be obvious. Ask questions you don't know the answer to and see if you and your pendulum can guess correctly.


In some cases, such as past life research, your spirit guides or other friendly spirits may be able to help you. It is important to note, however, that your subconscious may easily interfere with your work. Often times when first starting your answers may be strongly based on your own desires, opinions, or intuition. In any such case of the question being answered incorrectly, never blame the crystal. Be humble and accept the fact that you must have done something wrong. If you are correct then the crystal may try harder to help you by giving a stronger pull or push then your subconscious, and if you are wrong then the crystal may still try harder so that you don't feel bad. If you blame the crystal and it was your fault you may stop getting help entirely. If you blame the crystal and you are right then the crystal may either work harder or simply feel upset and guilty, in which case they may ''go into hiding'' which also means less help.

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Jan 06, 2019
Wait for the testing thing how the heck does the pendulum tell you the answer, like what???

Feb 07, 2019
A pendulum will move in a certain direction to aid the answer. Typically it is vertical: Yes Horizontal: No and Oblique: Maybe (or ask again). Some people like to make up their own meanings.

May 09, 2019
Correct me if I'm wrong but because glue is a protein/polymer complex doesn't that block energy flow?

Jul 22, 2019
Where do you find all these Crystal's

Jul 24, 2019
Crystals can be found online really easily, best to find a reputable seller to ensure the crystals are as described. Crystals can also be found from metaphysical or occult stores and botanicas, you could do a search and see what is in your area. You can also find them at traveling Mind Body and Spirit shows, or even in some cases, museums.

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