Cleansing Ritual

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To cleanse your body and soul (for Water people) but can be used by anyone

Need: Yourself, Epson salt, bathroom First take a shower. Then (while taking a shower) grab some Epson salt and rub it all over your body, while visualizing the moon and it's light shinning on you, but if you can see the moon where you are then that is okay too. Imagine it covering your entire body then imagine absorbing it, feeling light and calm. Then wash off the salt. Still imagine the moon while imagining the ocean. Feel the ocean's power has it fills you up. As you go on with your shower imagine the moon hovering over the ocean, as if blending into one (the reflection of the moon on the water). After the ritual you should feel calm and ready to take on another day, or just the night. *if confused about the ritual, feel free to email me*

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