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my thoughts on why a good magician will always be stronger than a evil magician of the same experience

If you are not Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or don't practice a monotheistic religion, you may not agree with my reasoning.

God created everything, and everything God created was good, yes? therefore God must have created magic, which is therefore inherently good.

You might be thinking now though "But if everything God created is good, then where did Satan and his demons come from, and why is there evil in the world?" Well, if you actually take a second to read Genesis you would have the answers to both questions. Satan, ( or Lucifer ) was originally an seraphim, the highest ranking Angel on the Angelic Hierarchy ( his name, Lucifer, is actually Hebrew for "Lightbearer" ) who turned against God at the very moment of his creation, along with three-quarters of the other, lower ranking angels. Why does evil occur in the world then? Well, let me answer your question with another question, does Darkness exist? and if so, what is it?

Darkness, in fact does not exist. Darkness is simply a word invented by humans to describe an absense of light. This is true of evil as well. Evil is just a word invented by humans to describe what happens when men forget to live in the light of Christ and follow his teachings.

As magic is naturally good, the mage who uses magic for evil or corrupt purposes is going against the magics natural predispostion, and as such there magic is always slightly weaker than they wanted. The Mage who uses his/her magic for good, however is going with the predispotion of the magic, and therefore their magic will be stronger than that of an evil or corrupt mage.

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Sep 28, 2019
I am born and raised Wiccan, while i have gone to various churches with friends, as well as a few other places of worship, I have never believed in the God of those listen religions. I wished to address this fact so you know where I am coming from in my rebuttal of your thesis. Real Magic is a naturally occurring energy that brings change to the universe. It is neither good nor evil, it is neutral like nature. Hurricanes are as natural as sunny days, yet humans label one as ''good'' and the other as ''evil''. Humans give energy positive or negative charges, it is not naturally either. Your second paragraph I shall dismiss as it is a comment on your faith and not Magic, and I do not wish to disparage ones faith. Your third point is further ''God is good'' sentiment, I will not argue, however, I will point out not everyone believes in your God or Satan, I am one such person, so your point falls on deaf ears so to speak. Warning me of the evils of Satan is equivalent to warning me about the influence of Sauron. AS for your conclusion, Magic is naturally neutral. The reason some feel good is better than evil is the intention behind it. All Magic is charged by our positive an negative emotions. Negative emotions can get the better of us at times which is why we need to be wise and mindful, and if we choose to work on a positive path, the Magic will be stronger because that is the Magic we choose to work with more and become more proficient with. This all said, one needs to evaluate their own personal morality in order to fully grasp what they view as ''good'' and ''evil'' as there are nothing more than human constructs. Again, Magic is a neutral force of nature, so it does not work for good or evil when a drought or flood comes to a village, it is just bringing change in order to find a balance. It is humanity that throws off natural law.

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