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Done on Waning, or Full Moon (Any magick)

Day of Week: Monday, for healing
Sunday: Health
Thursday: Health, success

Incense: cinnamon, citron, mesquite, mint, myrrh, rosemary, rue, sagebrush, thyme (Use any healing incense)

Healing Gem Colors: Green, Purple, White (use any healing Gem or rune)...

You will need healing runes, or gems (you can make them yourself with baked clay), white and yellow candles, sand, and water.

You do not have the above supplies. You could use gems instead of runes, or just use candles and water. It's the intent of the spell that matters, not all the supplies

1. Cast a circle using the yellow and white candles.

2. Repeat this power chant, or make up your own chant:

I take the power in my hands, from air and fire, water and land. Power of the angels and divinity moves and pulsates the energy within me. I build, I birth, I bring form. I raise with might and energy storm. I shape I build the ultimate power. From me blooms a perfect flower...Of healing..I reign

3. Concentrate on that a moment, and repeat it again if you feel you need to

4. Repeat this litany
(Name of your god)..your dancing around my life has done it's part Now chaos reigns, true to your art
I call upon your mercy now
Though to the good in your power I do bow
Playful (Name of your god), act benign
Let this chaos now decline

5.Cross the healing runes over the fire three times while saying ''by the power of fire, bless these runes for my desire.

6. Cross the runes over the smoke (incense) three times while saying By the power of air remove my fear

7. Place the runes in the sand (If you do not have sand then place gems or runes in your hand)..and say, By the power of earth cast these runes their greatest worth

8. Dip the runes, or gems in water three times while saying: By the power of water purify these runes

Then thank the gods in your usual way (or say ''witches rune and close the circle. Carry the runes, or gems with you and your panic attacks will dissipate.") 

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