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A week-long series of rituals for healing

For these workings, you will need:

  • Fabric for creating a Poppet and Amulet Bag
  • Thread for sewing the Poppet and Amulet Bag
  • Paper
  • Black Candle
  • Cypress Leaves
  • Gold Candle
  • Cloth to Wrap the Doll

The first ritual for healing

Goal: To help [name of subject] recover from [name of illness].

  • Invocation
  • Make poppet
  • Naming ritual

"Little one I made you and now I give you life. I name you [name of target], her body is your body, her breath is your breath, her emotion is your emotion. Though seperate you were, now you are one."

Once the doll is made, put it to one side and make a tiny amulet bag.
On a pice of paper, write: "[Target's illness] is banished with the burning of this paper," while visualising the illness going away.
Light a black candle and burn this piece of paper, visualising the illness being driven away.
Place ashes and cypress leaves in amulet bag, sew up.
Tie the tiny amulet bag to poppet, as you do, say over the doll and amulet: "With this amulet you are protected from [illness]."

Spend a few minutes caring for the poppet before wrapping the poppet and putting away.
Be sure to thank deities before you finish.

Sunday ritual for healing

Goal: To lend (subject) strength and healing

  • Invocation
  • Take out doll
  • Light gold candle

Holding the doll once the candle is lit, say over the doll, "I give you strength and health".
Visualising strength and health being given to the target.
Once finished, wrap the doll and put it away, being sure to thank deities before you finish.

At the end of the week the poppet was carefully buried at the base of a strong tree.

During this same week the subject was hospitalized and successfully treated for an illness which had lasted nine months, during which she was unable to work. Two weeks later she found a new job, where she has been working happily and healthily since.

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Oct 05, 2023
Is the Sunday ritual repeated Monday through Friday?

Oct 05, 2023
Based on the instructions, you would construct the doll on Saturday, then perform the blessing on Sunday. ...I would presume that if the issue is in need of more then you would repeat the sunday ritual once each week to refresh and revitalize the process

Oct 05, 2023
Afterthought; build the doll on Saturday, do the blessing/second ritual the following Sunday (a full week-and-a-day later)

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