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Here is part of a weeklong series of rituals for healing

Saturday ritual for healing (first of the series)

Goal: To help (name of subject) recover from (name of illness)

- Invocation
- Make poppet
- Naming ritual

Little one I made you and now I give you life. I name you (name of subject) Her body is your body, her breath is your breath, her emotion is your emotion. Though seperate you were, now you are one

-Make tiny amulet bag -Light black candle
- Burn paper on which is written '' (Subject)'s (illness) are banished with the burning of this paper,'' while visualizing the illness going away.

- Place ashes and cypress leaves in amulet bag, sew up.
- Tie bag to poppet

With this amulet you are protected from (illness)

- Spend a few minutes caring for the poppet
- Wrap poppet and put away
- Thank deity

Sunday ritual for healing

Goal: To lend (subject) strength and healing

- Invocation
- Take out doll
- Light gold candle
I give you strength and health

- Visualization
-Wrap doll and put away
- Thank deity /

At the end of the week the poppet was carefully buried at the base of a strong tree.

During this same week the subject was hospitalized and successfully treated for an illness which had lasted nine months, during which she was unable to work. Two weeks later she found a new job, where she has been working happily and healthily since.

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