Meditation Method Two.

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Another way of getting rid of those thoughts that block you from meditating.

Donated to us and wrote by Faith.
Meditation is an awesome thing, as it leads to other abilities and skills.
It can be hard for some to start, as some have problems clearing their mind and relax. I cant clear my mind. So I needed to find a way.
I have a few meditation methods that I have used now for a longest time.

1. The first thing I do before I meditate is to light 8 white candles in a circle around me.
After that sit down, find a comfortable position, relax every muscle in your body and breathe slowly in and out
2. Now close your eyes and clear your mind. Let go of every thought that might pop into your head.
If you need something to focus on, place a picture of the candles in your head and bring your awareness to the flames.
3. Visualize a screen before you. This is the screen of your mind, what is called the minds eye.
On the screen of your mind, visualize a series of numbers.
Counting down from 13 to 1. Now visualize 13, see the number 13 on your screen.
12 see the number 12 on your screen, 12
11 see the number 11 on your screen, 11
10 see the number 10 on your screen, 10
9 see the number 9 on your screen, 9
8 see the number 8 on your screen, 8
7 see the number 7 on your screen, 7
6 see the number 6 on your screen, 6
5 see the number 5 on your screen, 5
4 see the number 4 on your screen, 4
3 see the number 3 on your screen, 3
2 see the number 2 on your screen, 2
1 see the number 1 on your screen
4. You are now at your deepest level of meditation.
Everything done at this level is for your highest good.
Your magickal mindset in complete control of your magickal abilities.
5. Now you can meditate on this level for a bit before bringing yourself up.
Then you're gonna count up from 1 to 13.
Gently bring your awareness back to the physical world

Remember, everyone work at their own paste.
If it doesn't work the first time, try again.
Everything takes practice and work and when you're done with it, you will see it was worth all the work 

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