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An article on money magick.

Preferably, money rituals are to be held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Monday is good for all kinds of money rituals. Wednesday is better for those whose income is related to trade and business. Holding a money ritual on Thursday is great for those who own large enterprises connected with power-holding structures, and count on large amounts of money. Thursday as the day of Jupiter is good for those who like to risk, take up most daring projects and aren?t afraid of big money. Ordering a money ritual or applying magic to improve your financial state, make sure your energy is free of all kinds of bad luck curses, money curses, and your own fears which push money away from you. Magic programs designed to draw money to people work best on those with curse-free energies. 

What?s money magic based on? It?s based on linking a person to Egregor of money or increase in the amount of money moving along money channels. There are a lot of factors and keys related to the link-up. Activating such keys with energy during a ritual, you may significantly increase your money flow. Such keys are vibrations while casting a spell; actions while performing a money ritual; use of ?money? symbols and colors, such as green, gold and brown (in Chinese and Oriental magic, it?s red and yellow which are believed to be ?money? colors); coins (especially gold and old ones). Old coins are best for money rituals because they are the most powerful. 

A three-legged frog, the dollar sign, and a horn filled with fruits (the horn of plenty) also symbolize wealth. Candles (green, yellow, brown) and essential oil (orange-seed, cedarwood, brown) are used in money rituals. There are herbs/plants which energy also attracts money. These are the four-leaf clover, basil, cinnamon, pepper, sunflower, fern, and race. They use these herbs/plants to make powder to roll candles sprinkled with essential oil in, or incenses for money rituals. Some rituals require washing oneself with herbal potion. 

Apart from money rituals, spells and rites, specially made and charged money talismans can help you get rich. There are different kinds of money talismans, from runic talismans to herbal voodoo money Gris Gris bags. Creating a money talisman for a person, it?s necessary to take into account his/her energy and nationality. It means that a money talisman made for a Chinese person will be useless for a European or may even conflict with his/her energy. That?s why all kinds of Chinese money talismans (coins with a hole, red knots talismans, pagodas, etc.) found at esoteric stores rarely help their owners improve their financial state. As for those living in the West, runic talismans, those stamped by spirits from ceremonial magic and magic squares are most effective. Such talismans as specially designed and charged broom-amulets, horse shoes, linen bags with coins tied up with a golden thread, and wooden birds of happiness would be best for a Russian. 

Let me remind you that money is just means to get the desired. It?s one of the ways how to achieve what you?ve planned. So, pursuing a goal, visualize it and forget about the money, because money isn?t the only way to achieve what you want.


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