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Original Post:
by: AlaynaB on Jun 17, 2016

The women in my family (mom's side) all have something special about them. I come from a distant family of gypsies. I have a strong extra sense. Different things happen for me....a few I have recognized very well. I feel like a have a sense with animals. For months before anything happened, I saw the death of family pets and it eventually happened the way I visoned it. Another thing I have happen is that I get really bad anxiety and overwhelming feelings. That usually happens when something bad is going on or is about to happen.....fight with the illness...etc. Lastly, I can definitely sense spirits at certain times. With an ex boyfriend, we'd be laying in bed and I could just feel an evil presence as if something were next to the bed snarling at me. Nothing ever happened to me though but the spirit was attached to my ex. He was not a very good person. I just want to know how I can harness my abilities. My mom and I have different abilities so she can't really help like she wants to. I just want to develop them and to use them better to be a helpful person.