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These spells are very similar to the conjuring spells, however, they are much simpler to cast and do not have the same dreaded consequences if cast incorrectly.

Contact spells will bring the spirit of the entity to you for a brief time and then it will leave. Usually the contact is very discrete and quick.

More Free Contact Spells

Spell for contacting a friend
The Opening of the Mouth
*Presence Of Fey*
A Love Brew Like no other.
Angel Spell
Animal Communication Eve Oil
Art of the Feline
Banish Bad Witches
Basic Sabbat Lore
Bend Anything
Call a Demon
Call a Spirit Through a Mirror
Call your Deity
Calling to you
Candy Store Spell
Channelling An Animal
Clairvoyance Spell
Communicate w/ animals
Connect with the Element
Contact a deceased
Contact a Phoenix
Contact an Ancient Being
Contact love one from dead
Contact spell
Contact the Deceased
Contacting a Friend Spell
Contacting Through Fire
Control Spell
Controlling the Indos Worm
Controlling the Thunderbird
Crossroads Lost Animal Spell
Dead Messanger
Distant Sight
Dragon Meeting
Dream Message
Element Circle
Eye Control
Faery Sight Oil
Familiar Consecration Spell
Fear Manifestation
Finder's Keepers Spell
Finding Love
Follow me boy
Fragrance Communication Spell
Ghost Reveal
Guardian Angel Spell
Guardian Dragon Aid
Honor Your Household Spirits
How To Make A Wand!!
Ice Spell
Indian Serenity Prayer
Invocation to Fenrir
Invocation to Loki
Invoke Aphrodite
Invoke Apollo
Invoke Horus
Lost Love Reunion Spell
Love Invitation
Loving Spirits Oil Ritual
Make someone Attracted to You
Micheal Protection Spell
Mind Transfer
Mother Nature
New Moon Psychic Bath
Nocturnals embrace
Of me you will think.
Paper-intuition divination
Power of the Dragons
Prayer to Father Enki
Reveal or hear spirits
Run Free with the Wind
Seance Protection Candle Spell
See your Dead Delf
Shipping Spell
Simple Funerary Rite
Speak to the Dead
Speak To Your Reflection
Spirit Animal
Spirit Catalog: Grim Reaper
Spirit Mirror
Succubus Formal Invitation
Summon a Demon
Summon a God
Summon a Lare
Summon a Spirit of a Loved One
Summon a wind spirit
Summon any God or Goddess
Summon Future Self
Summon spirit to talk to
Summon Tails Doll
Summon Up A Spirit Or A Ghost
Summoning a bus spell
Summoning a Spirit or ghost
Summoning Family Witches
Summoning Mystical Beings
Summoning the Phoenix
Telekinesis Spell
The Akashan Prayer
The Basics of Wicca
Third Eye Ritual
To Banish an Un-Welcome Entity
To Call your Companion Dragon
To enter someone's mind
To get a Demon Teacher
To get a loving Response
To Send A Message In A Dream
Traversal of the Dead gates
Vampire Spell
Vision Spell
Warm Me Up
Wish grater spell,Become one
Invocation to the Goddess and God
To Establish A Connection With Someone Over A Distance
Banishing Negative Energies and Elements from Your House
A Chant to Become More Empathic
A Simple Vampire Transformation Spell
A Spell to make someone see reason for thier own good
Breaking Karmic Contracts With People
Calling The Dragons of the Quarters
Conjuration of Nicksa, king of the undines
Cotholic way to cast a ressurection
Draw in the essence of the Cosmic Spirit of Wrong
Finding Your Guardian Angels Name:
How to determine past lives with oracle
Invite Nyx Greek Goddess of Night
Third eye Decalcification Chant
To dream of your favorite Character
Upgrade your Eggrigore to a God Form
Voodoo Spell to Contact the Dead
the old
advanced psychic vampirism
astral travel incense
communication healing spell
evening chant to the god
get a helper
help from all demons
inviting the angels
namin your familiar
psycik link with a pet.
secret lover
talk to ghosts *tested*
to call a lost witch
contact a god *tested* *dangerous*
makeing someone call you and act like they love you
to have an old friend contact you
Summoning A Spirit Or Ghost
*Dragonflies Appear To Me*
A Blot to Thor
A Witch's Glass
Alien Abduction Spell
Anger Management Spell
Animal communication spell
Awakening a ''Link''
Banish demon to the underworld
Bay Leaf Summoning Spell
Bloody Mary
Call a Spirit
Call Me Now
Calling a vampire
Calling your future self Spell
Cast A Fire Ball
Chakra list
Choose Deities
Come to Me Spell
Communicate with a Dryad
Consulting with Gnomes
Contact a Deceased Loved One
Contact a Spirit
Contact in dream Spell
Contact me
Contact the Dead
Contact the Spirits
Contacting Another
Contract with The Devil
Controlling the Einherjar
Controlling the Kumo
Create a Godform Spell
dark Spirit Magnet
Demon Blood Summon Spell
Don't call me spell
Dream link
Dream Walk to Your Lover
Evening chant to the Goddess
Fairy Sight
Familliar Consecration
Feel others minds
Finding Deities Spell
Fire Seeing/Calming
For contacting a friend
Get a Familiar
Good Singing
Guardian Awakening
Guest/Customer Spell
How to Make a Toy Come to Life
Hyme to Fenrir
Incubus Formal Invitation
Invocatin of the Horned God
Invocation to Jormungandr
Invocation to Mabh
Invoke Aphrodite
Invoke Artimis
Laughing Jack
Long Distance Love Spell
Love from Aphrodite
Lover call me( HOODOO spell)
Make lover attentive
Make someone contact you
Mind Link Spell.
Miracle of Rain
Nature inclination
Nyx Astral Projection
Open/Close a Beast Gate
Past Life Spell
Posidens Son Spell
Prayer of the Native Americans
Prayer To Morrigan
Psychic Reception Spell
Recipe-Sabbat Oil
Revenge On Your Shadows
See the Believeworld
See Your Lost One
Shut up Spell
Sommon spirit guide
Speak to those across the veil
Speaking to the Dead
Spell to Summon a Spirit
Spirit Catalog: Doppelgangers
Spirit Catalog: White Orbs
Spirital Connection
Subconscious Messaging Spell
Summon a Angel
Summon a freshwater nymph
Summon a God or Goddess
Summon a spirit Minotaur
Summon a Spirit or Demon
Summon an Angel
Summon fish to you
Summon Sally
Summon Spirit Weapon
Summon the Dead
Summon your Guardian Demon
Summoning a Incubus: (2)
Summoning a Succubus: (2)
Summoning Jinn
Summoning the gate keeper
Talking Animal Spell
The angry eye
The midnight game
Think of Me Spell
To attract Friends
To call Love to You
To Connect with Bill Cipher
To find a Lost Love
To Get a Lover Back
To Know What He/She's Doing
To Soften a Heart
Vampire Chant Jasmyn0987
Venus Succubus Spell
Void Meditation
Who is haunting me?
Yarrow spell
Sending a Message to a Departed Love
An Old Friend Returned (Only the Living(so far))
*FOR EMPATHS ONLY!* To Sense the Emotional Atmosphere Around You
A dead friend appear before you
A Simple Way To Go Into A Trance
Animal Communication Spell: Eve Oil
Bring this person back in my life
Communication with your Spirit Guide
Contracting your guardian spirit
Draw in the essence of the Cosmic Spirit of Right (this is non-spell magic)
Find and summon your Spirit Animal
Get absent lover 2 call,write, email
Information-To Detect a Changling
Retrieve a Friend or Love you Lost
To call upon your magick powers to start your magickal journey.
Transform Into a Pokèmon Spell 2
Vampire Clans If you are a vampire in a clan look at this
piercing the veil
spell to learn the truth
angel spell
empathy for sycos
female giant spell(happeniss)
gods and godesses
how to find your spirit animal
love spell
night of shadows spell
remote viewing
spell to invoke the elements
to see hell
how to know if a friend is a witch
spell to summon the book of shadows


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