Awakening a ''Link''

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Two people with an extremely close relationship to one another.
  • -Pair items (Bracelets, Necklaces, etc)
  • -Blood (Optional)

''Links'' are something me and my group had researched, at a certain point of relation with a certain person,a ''Link'' is formed, when this happens their emotions become bound to one another.

Casting Instructions for 'Awakening a ''Link'''

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Basis of "Links"
There will be conditions for a "Link" to be formed:
1: The two individuals must have an experience where in they're lives are bound to one another.
2: The two people must have awareness of the "Link" being formed.
3: At least one of them must be "awake"

Now to awaken the links:
*Note: Spiritual guardians can link without these, they just need to be compatible to one another, or better chosen by either one.

Step 1:
The one who is "awake" must face the one they want to form a link with.

Step 2:
The one "awake" must take the hand of the other and put one half of the item, they should not let go.

Step 3:
The other half must be on the other hand of the one "awake" where the other person will take his/her hand.

Step 4:
They must vow to one another that no matter what the two will be bound to one another, stronger than blood, stronger than brothers.

*Note the vow will be more powerful if the two put drops of their blood on the item.

Step 5:
The one who is not "awake" will take one of the halves.

Step 6:
The two have one half of the pair item, they must lace it around each other, be it a necklace, or a bracelet, or anything.

*Reminder this is to make a "Link" happen, some people do not require this.

After the two tie their pieces on each other the "Link" is now awake.

PS: You can find people via the pair item used for "Link" this is an advanced technique I will discuss in another time.




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