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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • power to pull up own feelings and supress
  • ability to read mind can help
  • all possible information about the one you want to contact.
  • successful cast of searching item

Use with caution.

Casting Instructions for 'Contacting Another'

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get all information under your nose you want to be contacting with.
make sure u dont think anything about other ppl.
now take all pieces of information you have and think them trought fully who they are, how you know her/him (all with feelings). feel the importance, why you want to contact also imagine how you talk inside her/him, while inside you send them a thought so she/he could feel it
as well he/she can talk to you same way. then think that if i have found him/her let me know, come aware, weak up.

. enter subconcious while thinking on all that.
before thinking on all that you might read this fast forward.
u sit and watch tv you eat chips. now while watching tv u concentrate on that. after a while you notice your chips are gone. you know you ate them but didnt really realize that. in the same sort of state you need be focusing on person instead of a tv. but if you casted item search u might know this allready.

after you are sure you memorized all stay calm,keep quiet,clean mind and wait till you have found him/her.

this is a very powerful as u gain control over one's mind as well he/she does. you may want to tell him something but hes/her thought are over you or backwords. you feel entirely hes/her body as hes/her does. you might not feel it all time just when hes focus runs to his body, becouse of that you feel body,its feeling if u for example scratch head. all messaging is trought feelings.

here are some traps. you might fall into chain reaction into feelings. for example one starts laughting and then another,so both end up like being on crack. if that happens think into something else. (might be hard)
if you live different time zones than he/she does then you might get effected with non sleepyness.

in order to lower the touch both should think on the connection as a line between and lower it. starting from current line feeling and strech it slowly to lower. swiftly back to your own mind.

actually im not very sure how to get rid of someone. sry :/


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