To Send A Message In A Dream

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Any combination of dried herbs and flowers that represent sleep and dreams, such as jasmine, rose, chamomile, lavender, peppermint, rosemary, or thyme
  • A flame-proof dish or bowl
  • Either a piece of paper or a charcoal disk
  • A candle
  • Any essential oil for sleep, if available (see the listed herbs/flowers above)

Title says it all...

Casting Instructions for 'To Send A Message In A Dream'

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Cast a circle. Anoint the candle with oil if you have it, starting at the middle and moving out towards both ends, one at a time. If you don?t have oil but would still like to prepare the candle in some way, you can carve symbols or words that represent sleep or dreams into the wax, or ones that are relevant to the message you are sending. You can also carve the person?s name into the candle. And, of course, you can both carve and anoint the candle if you wish. Light the candle and gaze at it, focusing on your message and intentions. Then prepare for burning the herbs. If you are burning them as loose incense, light a charcoal disk (use a pair of metal?tongs) by the candle?s flame and put it in the flame-proof container. If not, fold the herbs tightly into the piece of paper. If you?re using paper, perhaps write onto it what you want to send or draw symbols relevant to your message. Then burn the herbs, either by sprinkling them onto the charcoal disk or by lighting the folded paper by the candle?s flame and quickly placing it into the dish or bowl. As you watch the smoke curl up, speak the following words:
"With dreamer?s eyes, allow him/her to see
A message sent to him/her from me
With this spell, my message takes flight
Let it fill his/her mind in a dream tonight"
Focus on your message and visualize the smoke carrying it to the intended person as the herbs burn. When the herbs are done smoldering and the smoke stops, say:
His/her mind be safe, his/her will be free.?The spell is done, so may it be.
End your rite and close your circle.


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