Psychic Vampirism

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Psychic vampirism

Casting Instructions for 'Psychic Vampirism'

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Well you can start off by knowing youare one of the psi-vamps then here it goes there is many things you can absorb like life force or magic power or even spells. All right your a psi-vamp and you just began ok at first you can only use your ability absorb upon pysical contact that means touching the victim and you must know rookies often absorb curses or bad energy that why you focus on the energy you absorb by distinguishing it as a color like life force is white light and magical energy is blue and love spells are pink and stuff like that ect. Anyways you only want to absorbs the energies you want to absorb inatead of just absorbing like a complete idiot you dont know if theyve been hexed. the best way is to just touch them on the shoulder. Level 2 is where you ground and absorb their energies through the ground. Level 2.5 is where you create a ball of energy around you then you can just walk right by them and absorb. Level 3 is where you either open your 3rd eye or release your evil eye or eyes and use your stare to absorb their energies through them also you can absorb through any fragrance they may have floating in the air If theyre in a pool you can aborbs too by grounding with the water also fire offers you energy for free lighting a fire helps with energy loss. also dont try and absorb their minds its hard to get rid of others memories.


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