Sense the Emotional Atmosphere

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • ) Your focus.
  • ) The Psychic ability of Empathy.
  • ) Your willpower.

This is a technique for Empaths on how to sense and feel the Emotional Atmosphere around them as opposed to just one single individual.

Casting Instructions for 'Sense the Emotional Atmosphere'

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To Sense the Emotional Atmosphere around You

1. Think of the area around you and the people occupying it.

2. ?Sense? and ?feel? your awareness extending out to the Emotional States of the area you are trying to sense.

3. Allow any emotions and/or emotional thoughts to enter your mind now as you keep your awareness extended to the Atmosphere around you.

You will most likely have to work at this a few times to achieve the level of achievement I have come to, as I have been an Empath all my life, thus being able to do this in a flash, even from the start of practicing this technique about 2 years ago.

This technique can also be rearranged to sense a single individual?s emotions and feelings, but you must do these 3 things to achieve this altered form of my Empathy technique:

1. You must focus your thoughts on the individual, similar to the way you focused your thoughts on the Emotional Atmosphere around you in the technique prior to this one.

2. ?Sense? and ?feel? your awareness extending out to the individual you are trying to sense.

3. Allow any emotions and/or feelings, emotional thoughts, etc. to enter your heart and/or mind at this point, because whatever you sense in the moment is most likely coming from the individual.

Well, have fun with these 2 techniques but don?t use them for malicious purpose, because Karma will come back to bite you in your butt!


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