dark Spirit Magnet

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 3 log black candles
  • 1 three candle candelabra
  • 1 black obsidian obelisk
  • 2 bone fragments
  • 1 alter
  • 1 black alter cloth

a simple yet effective spell for drawing in the darker spirits around you

Casting Instructions for 'dark Spirit Magnet'

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The Layout:

to start off with the candles andcandelabra are to be placed on the already covered alter slightly back from the middle.

next the bone shards are layed out either side of theblack obsidian obelisk to act as the vessels the souls will be called too

The Calling of Souls:

Hear me now my god and godess lords and ladys of the realms of the dead i your servent seek a audience with your fallen subjects so hear my voice as i call you back.

You who have returned to the source i seek you now and i offer these fragments of life to you as a gift for your words and strengths

I call for hagenti, ipos and ose lend me your power and the great planetary spirit Azarel to allow my meeting with the fallen

as i your humble servent offer this calling and these vessels and my humble servitude for my time and others to come

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