Invocation to Loki

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • Devotion

Source is from pagan book of hours.

Casting Instructions for 'Invocation to Loki'

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Laufeys son trickster of the far north delicate spawn of the giants. Wheedler and coaxer of the secret agenda. Liar who speaks the truth others will not hear. We call you two faced one who's soul burns bright. And invite you to the critical of our souls. You love to make us break our vows. When those vows are made heedlessly. You love to catch us in our own hypocrisies. And punchcard our bubbles of pride. Nothing is safe from you no emotion. Is sacrosanct from your prodding. What do we really think you ask? What are we not saying? You know and your shifty eyes catch ours. Your crafty smile slips across your face. And we blush in shame, knowing that you read our foolish fumbling. For the truth is a flame that burns. You tell us. Do not pretend to eat the fire, if you are not willing to suffer the consequences. Which is to be cast out by the others. Only when we are clear eyed and humble, will your gaze toward us be free of slyness. Loki spirit of truth and lies. Burn us with the measures of our own words.

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