Chess with ghosts

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A chess set, any kind
  • The pieces you will be using (Let the ghost bring their set.)
  • (Also good if you play with the black set of pieces but it doesn't matter.)
  • Mind
  • Belief

If your lonely and you want to play a game, try this spell. It summons ghosts that have lived in your home and it is helpful when your bored.

Casting Instructions for 'Chess with ghosts'

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First set up the chess board for your side. Next, meditate for 1 minute. Then recite this spell:

"Oh spirits in this ____ (what ever building your in, EX: House, Yard,...) I am bored and am in need, of your expertice. Let me play your game of chess, I know you will be best. Please talk to me and keep me away from being lonely. So mote it be!"

Wait. (the hard step...) You will know when the spirit is there because a set of pieces the opposite color to yours will appear on the board. They will seem whispy too. The ghost has it's choice if it would like to show it's face but if not the pieces will move themselves.

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