Draw in the essence of the Cosmic Spirit of Right (this is non-spell magic)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • an environment of silence or select quiet sounds, solitude, and dim lighting

By getting into the right environment and the right mental state, one can draw the essence of the Cosmic Spirit of Right (a deity) into oneself, and feel said essence.

Casting Instructions for 'Draw in the essence of the Cosmic Spirit of Right (this is non-spell magic)'

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This is magic, but not a spell. It is 'non-spell magic'. There are no chants or other words, symbolic objects, or imagination-become-reality.

I was told of this method directly via a vision from the Cosmic Spirit of Right itself, and have used it successfully many times. The degree of efficacy of this method will vary between individuals, due to differences between individual souls.

This is the method:

First, set the environment:
Get into an environment of silence or select quiet sounds (mentioned below), solitude, and dim lighting. Candle light or other fire light is preferable, but any dim lighting will suffice. Certain constant humming sounds, such as computer noise and refrigerator noise, are disruptive to the efficacy of the method. In contrast, certain quiet textured sounds, particularly the sound of rustling wind or whistling wind, improve the efficacy of the method. Certain woody smells, notably pine, can improve the efficacy of the method. Eliminate any sources of discomfort, such as excess heat or cold.

Next, set your mind:
Clear your mind of all thoughts, and especially audio thoughts, and keep it cleared. Then, focus on the beauty of the darkness, quietness, and solitude.

By getting a feel for that beauty, your soul is getting a grip upon the essence of the Cosmic Spirit of Right, which you can then pull in, which in turn produces a stronger feeling.


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